4 Must Try Kauai Juice Stands

Kauai juice stands

1. Kalaea Juice Hale

Never been a crazy juice person until I landed in Kauai. With all the island-grown fruit available it is not a surprise that Hawaii is a mecca for all things smoothies, juice and acai bowls. There is nothing quite like sitting on the beach with a refreshing tropical juice in hand (rum optional). If you extract yourself from the resort dining and start digging for true island cuisine you will find all kinds of refreshing, healthy, and vegan-friendly food spots that showcase the unique food grown right on the island. And some of my favorite spots were these 4 Kauai juice stands.

Kalaea Juice Hale is the place for the best acai bowl. I had to go big with this one with the King Kong version topped with local banana, local coconut, local honey, goji berries, cacao nibs, cacao powder, homemade granola, mac nut butter, and locally grown moringa. There is a lot of goodies you can add on top to make it fit your personal taste. They also have amazing cold brew coffee with fresh coconut cream.

2. Kauai Juice Co.

My first stop for juice was the Kauai Juice Co. This is a hot spot for all the locals and all the visiting health nuts. I was able to easily ride a bike from the Marriott on Coconut Beach to this spot. They have a ton of elixirs, juices, kombucha, nut milk, and juice shots to choose from. Almost everything is locally harvested to build a more sustainable business and community. It is hard to just pick one juice when you walk in there. And all of their concoctions are pretty expensive but the indulgence is worth every penny. I actually went back four times during my week stay. If I lived on the island this would be one expensive addiction but if you are visiting it is a must try.

I recommend the Sexy Baby Maker milk made with brazil nut, mac nut, cacao, maca, honey, date, and Tahitian vanilla, basically a insane and healthy chocolate milk. I also loved the rainbow unicorn juice with beet, pineapple, kale, chard, blueberry, and lemon. The mana with celery, cucumber, kale, chard, parsley, lemon. And the glow with celery, cucumber, kale, chard, parsley, apple, lemon and ginger. Make sure to return your jars so they can re-use them and you will get a jar deposit refund to use toward another bottle of juice!

3. Aloha Juice Bar

Aloha Juice Bar is located in Hanalei. The cutest fruit stand I have ever seen. It is equipped with every kind of afternoon snack that will re-boost your energy with lots of plant power. Acai bowls, smoothies, juices, all made with organic and local fruit juices. We bought some fresh papayas and bananas from the stand too to take home and make a fresh smoothie for our breakfast in the morning. But I highly recommending making the stop if you head to the North Shore when you visit Kauai.

4. Neighborhood Juice Stands

I made a fruit smoothie every day for breakfast during my stay. There is really no excuse to miss out on all of the fruit growing on the island, it is everywhere, and there is always something in season. Even if you can’t make it to the farmers market there are tons of fruit stands that people have built to share their garden harvests with passer-by. We found this adorable set up on the way to Kilauea Lighthouse and quickly stopped to pick up some of their citrus.

5. Other Juice and Fruit Stands

In conclusion, if these options weren’t enough for you here is a few more that I didn’t get to try because we ran out of time. But I wish I could have! The Akamai Juice Company. I am so sad I missed this one! Banana Joe’s and Moloaa Sunrise Fruit Stand.

Mahalo for reading! I hope it inspired you to visit your local juice spot in your city or maybe you can whip up your own concoction at home. Which I seriously need to invest in a juicer now! But, there is nothing better than a cup full of juice and a little bit of spring sunshine to brighten your day!!