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7+ Ways to Celebrate the Fall Season

Here is my guide on how to celebrate the fall season in Colorado or wherever you are. With the weather cooling to a perfect temperature, there is always so much to do during this festive season.

  1. 1. Fall Decorating

Flowers, candles, pumpkins, wreaths, and leaves. There are so many great ways to decorate the home for fall. I love bringing out all of the warm and cozy decorations. They really make the room cheery for the fall season. It can be inexpensive to decorate for fall too. The little pumpkins are less than a dollar at the grocery store and you only need a couple to add a little pop of fall orange in your home.

I always buy autumn and pumpkin scented candles to really make the home smell like the season. Having the house lit with candle firelight really sets the ambiance for a cozy night in where you can cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Anthropologie and Magnolia Market have the best smelling candles I have found. Make sure to check out all of the adorable Magnolia Market fall decór too. I am a major Fixer Upper fan, so I always want everything that the lovely Chip and Joanna stock in their online store.

By far my favorite fall decoration is the fall Mums. It is the only time of year that I see the mums come in fall shades of orange, red, yellow, purple and pink. It is the best way to give your doorstep added color that lets your neighbors know you are welcoming the changing season.

2. Fall Walks

The brisk fresh fall air is a perfect excuse for you to get outside. Find a tree-lined path and you will find yourself walking for hours enjoying the beauty of the changing leaves. Colorado always has beautiful walking paths that you can take through all of the neighborhoods. Try walking through a new neighborhood as often as possible. It gives you a sense of adventure walking on an unfamiliar street, a great way to take in every detail of new scenery. There is always so much to see in Colorado, or any hometown, even if you live in the same place for years there will always be a new place to explore.


3. Mountain Drives

Mountain Drives are a must in Colorado. During the fall season, the aspens turn into a sunny golden yellow color. There are certain drives to take to see the beautiful fall foliage. Here is a list of the best spots here. You must move quickly to see the changing leaves. Sometimes they are only around for one weekend before the snow and wind blow in. I took a drive through Estes Park to Rocky Mountain National Park this year and it was the perfect time to see the leaves. But the mountain tops were already covered with snow and the day had spurts of rain. The leaves will probably be gone by next weekend so move quickly this week to see fall before winter is here.

4. Hikes in the Mountains

Local Coloradans are always scrambling to the mountains this time of year. They need to get their outdoor hiking in before the weather gets cold. There are so many hikes you can go on to see the fall leaves. This one I did in Rocky Mountain National Park was the perfect time to see the golden leaves.

Some of the best hikes to see fall leaves are:

Maroon Bells, Anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park, Thomas Lakes, Piney River Falls, Lower Cataract Lake Loop Trail, Hanging Lake, Snowmass Creek Trail.

As long as you are in the mountains this time of year there will always be a good hike nearby.



5. Train Rides

I really wanted to take the train to Grand Junction and Palisade this time of year. But I did not plan it far enough in advance and the trains filled up. Taking a 7-hour train through the mountains sounds like the perfect way to see the leaves changing. It is on my fall bucket list with the hopes of getting to cross it off next year.

There is always a lot of fall activities going on all over the mountains during September and October. There are a lot of farms in Palisade you can pick fresh peaches, apples, pears, and vegetables at the peak of harvest. Then you can plan a visit to all the local wineries to get your taste of Colorado wine. There is even a wine festival during September in Palisade. There is actually a lot of local festivals to enjoy this time of year like the large Fruita Fall Festival, Oktoberfest and more.

6. Apple Picking

Spending the afternoon at an apple farm is the number one thing to do for fall. It is the best experience ever. Not only do you get to pick dozens of fresh apples right off the tree. The best part is the fresh hot apple cider and warm cinnamon sugar coated cider doughnuts. Unfortunately, Colorado is very limited when it comes to apple orchards. Make sure you plan a trip on the east or west coast where there are hundreds of apple farms. I promise it is worth a vacation trip.

7. Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes

Chatfield Farms Botanical Gardens has a pumpkin patch and corn maze set up for their fall festival every year. This event normally happens mid-October. This year it is October 13-15. There is live music, craft booths, food trucks, beer and wine vendors, an Antique Tractor exhibit, pony rides, hay rides, carnival games and more. Great event for kids of all ages. I no question will be at this fall frenzy this year.

Other Fall Activities on my To-Do List

Hot Air Baloon Festivals, baking pies, everything pumpkin, pulling out the crockpot for fall soups, stocking up on local produce from the Fall harvest markets, hosting dinner parties, the list goes on. What is your favorite activity for fall? Let me know in the comments! And happy October!