Where to Get Outside This Summer in Colorado

Crested Butte Colorado

Summer in Colorado Adventures:

1. Emerald Lake Crested Butte

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

There are a lot of hidden gems to experience during the summer in Colorado. Emerald lake is one of those places that is worth every minute it takes to trek from the big city to the deep wilderness. Surround yourself with vast mountain forests, tall peaks, and colorful blooms. If you’re looking for an escape and the mountains are calling you, do yourself a favor and check out this incredible mountain town. Crested Butte is quite the drive but once you visit your heart is hooked. There are so many great hiking trails that are covered in wildflowers during July and August the best time to make the trek to this hidden part of Colorado.

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2. Mt. Falcon Park Morrison

summer vintage outfit

I love Mt. Falcon Park more and more every time I visit. I think it offers the perfect mountain escape without the long drive. If city stresses get you down this the spot for a quick nature fix that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. There is nothing quite like getting lost for a few hours, far enough away to just hear the birds and the rustle of the trees. This hike always offers some much-needed rejuvenation and healing after a long week of working in the city. The views here are so spectacular especially if you start at the west entrance. It looks like you ended up in Switzerland as you become eye level with the Rocky Mountain Peaks. The East entrance is great too because you can get a great view of Red Rocks Amphitheater and even stop by at night to hear great music echo through the valley while you look up at the stars.

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3. Roxborough State Park Littleton

Roxborough Park

Roxborough is another favorite of mine that is close to the city and easily accessible if you live in Denver. Looking at the great rock formations and swift valleys you can’t help but find a calming sense of peace here. This park offers a couple of different trails for you to explore. It is a great spot if you are visiting Denver and looking for a little bit of true Coloradan living. It is quite an easy way of life if you stick to the outdoors and visit the mountains every chance you get. Summer in Colorado is never complete if you aren’t hitting the trails every weekend. I prefer hiking Colorado over skiing any day.

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4. Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park

Oh, Rocky Mountain National Park, you beautiful, beautiful place. I love visiting this gem any chance I get. It makes for a great day trip, just a 2-hour drive outside of Denver. It always feels like such an exciting adventure driving to this world-renowned location. I often like to visit once a year in the summer or the fall. I like driving through the cute town of Estes Park, it is one of the most charming towns in all of Colorado. We often grab breakfast or coffee from the cute main street and head up to the park to explore our favorite spots once again. I like revisiting some of my favorite hikes but there is so much to see even after I have been visiting this park for many years. It is also accessible through Grand Lake. A bit more of a windy drive but a grand place to visit to enjoy all the summer lake activities. I have only been once but I hope to return again soon.

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5. Berry Patch Farms Brighton

When spring finally arrived and the weather started to finally warm up I started dreaming of summer berries. I cannot wait to re-visiting my favorite local farmers again this year, and hopefully, find some new ones to try. Visiting Berry Patch Farms in Brighton for strawberry picking is one of my favorite summer activities. I follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on their crops and their first pick will be happening soon. I hope I can try picking their other varieties of berries this year and visit more frequently. Every weekend if possible. It really is such a special experience to pick your own food right off the plant.

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6. Garden of the Gods Manitou Springs

Garden of the Gods is another classic Colorado destination. It really is a spectacular park to visit. And again not too far from Denver, just about an hour or hour and a half. Many of these well-known parks get crowded on the weekends. Just so you are warned. I always see busloads of tourists being dropped off here when I visit over the weekend. But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting and hiking around these insane rock formations. When you stop here you also have to check out the charming street of Manitou Springs. And have breakfast at the Garden of the Gods Cafe. Two of my most favorite things to do in the summer.

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7. Chautauqua Park Boulder

Chautauqua Park Boulder

Chautauqua Park is another hike that many Coloradans love to visit in the summertime. There are often beautiful fields of wildflowers and it is an especially great spot for sunsets. I love getting up to Boulder and hiking one of their many trails. It is another great escape from Denver. The town of Boulder has so much outdoor activities to offer. Plus they are a great town to grab a healthy bite to eat. I always love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so active, health concious and happy.

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8. Garden Sweet Farms Fort Collins

Garden Sweet Farms is all the way up in Fort Collins but this beautiful property is worth the voyage from Denver. They offer berry picking, flower picking and more in their farm shop. It is such a beautiful place to escape. I loved spending the afternoon picking raspberries. Really made me appreciate the labor that goes into farming. Having access to these u-pick farms has become a summer tradition that I cant wait to celebrate every year during peak harvest times. Make sure to follow these guys on Facebook or Instagram to get weekly updates on their crops.

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I always have a running list of places to visit in Colorado during the summer. And every time I visit a place I fall in love and want to visit more often. There will never be enough time to see it all. But some places I am hoping to cross off my Colorado bucket list this year is Grand Junction and Palisade. They are top of my list during the peach season and lavender season. I also hope to visit Crested Butte again and I really want to see the Maroon Belles this time.

Are you planning on visiting Colorado this summer? I would love to know where your headed or what spot is on your bucket list! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Cara Avatar

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I put Berry patch farms on my list, as I am always looking for U-pick farms in the Denver area. Have you ever been to the sand dunes? I’m planning a trip there next month.

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      I have always wanted to go!!! It looked like such a fun trip, I loved your photos!!!

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