A Simple Autumn Porridge Recipe


That Autumn Mood

The autumn chill is starting to settle into the air and the last of the leaves are barely hanging on to the branches. And I am making cozy autumn porridge more and more in October. When I get out of bed every morning I throw on something quickly so I can stay cozy. I find my favorite woolen slippers and my oversized plaid shirt in a heap next to the bed. I give them a good shake to let any curious spiders scurry away. Ever since the long summer days started getting shorter I’ve made sure to wake up earlier so I can ease into the day slowly.

Hygge Morning Routine

A morning hygge practice has become more important to me these days. So I can embrace a slower rhythm. This helps me avoid and release a great deal of anxiety and stress so I can have a more positive mindset to take on my day. This has been helping me stay energized and productive throughout my day. Starting a slow Hygge practice, especially through winter and fall has many benefits for our health. If you would like to look into this nordic lifestyle I recommend checking out this book.

Autumn Coffee Moment

I start my hygge morning by first boiling the water for coffee. I patiently wait for the water to boil and grind the grounds for the French press. The rich burst of aromas fill my nose and warm my thoughts. When the water is ready I wait for the grounds to slowly seep into the water. Then I start to hear sleepy footsteps on the kitchen floor. My pups are happy to see me and I take a moment to give them some morning love while I wait for the coffee to brew.

Then I get settled in to a cozy chair under a blanket and pick up the book that I have been reading every morning. I slowly drink my steamy cup of coffee and let my thoughts and dreams awaken with new ideas. After a few quiet moments, I am ready to move my body.

Morning Autumn Walks

A fresh dose of air in my lungs helps to circulate breath and through my entire body. I do a few stretches to release any tension. Once my muscles are ready to move I get bundled up for my morning walk. Even if it is a little chilly right when the sun is coming up I still like to embrace any moment of the changing seasons that I can. The hues of the autumn foliage against the bright colors of the sun just starting to touch the clouds lighten my mood and ignite even more wondrous ideas about this curious world and the nature that surrounds us.

Seasonal Autumn Porridge

After a walk around the neighborhood, my stomach starts to grumble. I go to the kitchen to start gathering ingredients for my favorite autumn breakfast. Autumn porridge with seasonal fruits. This time of year the farm stands from Hotchkiss, Paonia, and Palisade are overflowing with juicy apples, plums, and pears. All of these autumn fruits make delicious additions to autumn porridge. Follow my autumn porridge recipe below so you can try adding this cozy hygge ritual to your autumn mornings.

Plum Butter and Almond Butter Autumn Porridge

1/3 cup of steel cut oats

1 cup of nut milk (try homemade walnut or pecan milk)

2 Local Plums or Plum Butter

1 Local Apple

1 tsp of cinnamon

2 tablespoons of nut butter

1tbs of flax seeds (or other seeds)

Grated Ginger

Top with other autumn fruits like pomegranate or persimmons

Oats for Our Health

The oats that many of us eat regularly is a plant that has extraordinary health benefits and endless medicinal uses. The plant has been used for centuries. The grain is not the only thing that is useful from this plant. There are many different parts of the plant that can be used for various ailments.

Milky Oat Seeds

The milky oat seeds are a seasonal part of the plant that lasts about one week when the plant is flowering. When the seeds no longer have a milky residue then they become the grain that we all eat. But at the milky stage, there are more health benefits that can be used to help restore the nervous system. The seeds create a milky substance that can be turned into a tincture to help calm, soothe, and heal the nervous system and your vitality. In the 1900s, Dr. Finley Ellington prescribed this treatment for people who were overworked and stressed. What we know as adrenal burnout. Consider trying this tincture if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, sexual lackluster, grief, trauma, or summering from ADHD. Read more about it here.


Oatstraw is the dried oat stem and tops that are commonly used in herbal teas. Find organically grown or wild-harvested oat straw from your local apothecary. When comparing an ounce of oat grains to oat straw. It contains 3x calcium, 4x magnesium, 67x silica. This makes oat straw great for bones, teeth, hair, skin, nails, and general wellness when consumed regularly. The straw is not as potent as the seeds but still holds a lot of benefits for the nervous system. Look for a great tea blend at one of your local apothecaries to try this nourishing plant for yourself. Or even grow it yourself in your garden.

Oat Grain

The oat grain has been used for centuries and can be found in Ancient Greek and Roman texts. Greek pharmacists called Dioscorides prescribed the grain as porridge and poultice for intestinal health. It holds many bioavailable minerals like b-complex, Vitamin A and C, Alkaloids, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Chromium, and magnesium. A German physician named Hildegard Von Bingen wrote that warm oats “are both rich and healthy nourishment for healthy people.”Over the years we have found that the grain is high in nutritious fiber. And contains beta-glucans that improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and lowering blood sugar. Even apply the grains topically to relieve inflammation and irritation by soothing the skin.

So autumn porridge everyday is a great way to fuel our bodies for a busy day.

Enhance your morning ritual with a tea ceremony with your autumn porridge. Read more about the healing powers of tea here.