Get To Know Jess

Photographer + Content Creator + Herbalist +Tea Ceremonialist+Cosmic Pisces Dreamer +Taoist Medicine Student

What Is The Way of Plants?

The Way of Plants is a creative platform that weaves nature based content together to inspire paths of healing. Discover life changing spiritual adventures, 5 element based practices, seasonal herbal rituals, and a interconnected community that is working together to create a more healthy way of life.

My name is Jess, owner/writer/creator of The Way of Plants. I am a herbalist, lifestyle photographer, wild and local food advocate, outdoor adventurer in the Colorado mountains, and forever student of Taoist practices. These practices like tea ceremony, meditation, qi gong, and living by the 5 elements all influence my way of being and give me a foundation that helps me live through my heart and build a relationship with the earth.

My creative energy has become a force that I like to share with other like-minded individuals who are on a similar path. I use my photography and writing skills to help others transmit their unique medicine out into the world. Whether that is through a business that needs help with content creation, or a individual that needs photos to celebrate a new chapter of life. We can work together to bring your vision to life.

This blog is a resource of inspiration for those that are struggling to find their way personally or professionally . Within the blog posts you will learn herbalism, taoist medicine, and seasonal awareness. Learning new skills around cooking healthy recipes, making plant medicine, growing a bio-dynamic garden, how to connect with plants energetically, how to diagnose patterns of disharmony, how to implement mindfulness practices, and the way of tea.

The Way of Plants is a cherished resource for like-minded individuals to gather and share inspirational stories and wisdom that help guide each other on a spiritual path.

“There is only one active ingredient in plant medicines: friendship.”

— Elliot Cohen