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  • Healing Spices and How To Make A Herbal Chai Latte

    One of my favorite winter treats is a warming herbal chai latte. The sweet and spicy indulgence is a delicious self care practice I like to do when the weather […]

  • Minimalism For The Planet

    Minimalism For The Planet

    A New Movement Minimalism for the planet is going to have to turn into more of a movement in the coming years. We have reached a point in humanity where […]

  • How To Preserve Your Summer Harvest

    How To Preserve Your Summer Harvest

    Summer harvest is happening right now and I am looking for ways to preserve as much summer as I can for winter. I love the old traditions of preparing for […]

  • What is Folk Mountain Style?

    What is Folk Mountain Style?

    The Definition of Folk Mountain Style Prairie dresses, western boots and hats, Wrangler jeans, railway overalls, and western-influenced vintage clothing, mixed with practical adventure clothing are some of the elements […]

  • The Spiritual World of Crestone

    Hanne Strong’s Dream “Let us together join the revolution and create a new civilization that manifests ‘Peace within, Peace with each other, Peace with nature.’ “ Hanne Strong –The Manitou […]