Denver Travel Guide: Morrison and Red Rocks

In this Denver travel guide, Morrison and Red Rocks are top of the list for first-time travelers. Morrison and Red Rocks is an easy day trip away from the city.

I think almost everyone has heard of the famous naturally formed amphitheater called Red Rocks. Located in a cute little town called Morrison. Every native Coloradan is spoiled every year with the perfect outdoor venue to see the most memorable concerts. It is a place where dreams come true. Summer nights come alive with amplified tones circling in Technicolor under the starlit sky.

It is a huge accomplishment for a new musician to headline a show on the Red Rocks stage. It is a level in their career that many starving musicians dream of. The energy the crowd creates in between those rocks is a spiritual experience. A Red Rocks show cannot compare to a show in a closed off room. With the beginning of Red Rocks shows being released that means summer is approaching quickly. Summer is not complete without a few Red Rocks shows on the itinerary. If you are a local or just visiting check out the line up of shows here and keep a lookout for more to come.

Red Rocks amphitheater and the surrounding area is a popular place for locals to burn some major calories. On any given day you will see people running up the steps and performing impressive workout routines. During the summer there is Yoga on the Rocks a perfect opportunity to get bendy and breath in the fresh mountain air. The location is surrounded by many beautiful hiking trails for those looking for a moderate leisure activity. If the weather nice, it is the perfect opportunity to get your sweat on at Red Rocks.


Morrison is the little mountain town that you drive through on your way to the rocks. Many drive through and never stop in the little town. Take a little extra time this year to check out the adorable thriving businesses located on the main street. There are some cute antique shops that Joanna Gaines would approve of. Plus there are many clothing shops with unique goods and souvenirs. On a warm night get away from the city and make a reservation at one of the romantic wine bars like Flights Wine Cafe or Cafe Prague. Or if you want to hear some of the music from afar with a local brew, stop by the Roof Top Tavern.

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