Colorado Hikes Close To Denver Roxborough State Park

Roxborough Park

Trails Close To Denver

Roxborough State Park is one of my favorite hikes that is close to the Denver area. The rocks here are just as magnificent as Garden of the Gods or Red Rocks, just not as well known. The hiking here is pretty moderate with several different trail options that will keep you here all day or make you come back for more.

I have been waiting for the perfect Spring day to start hiking again. The weather has been all over the place with one day it is snowing, windy and cold and the next it is in the high seventies. That is Spring in Colorado for you though. Just makes planning for things a little more difficult, but with such a dry winter I am glad we are finally getting some moisture.

When the snow turns to warm summary rain showers that is one of my favorite times of the year. The air is fresh and the land is full of life. Sometimes in the dead of winter, you forget how beautiful Colorado can be when everything that was dead comes alive again.

One Of My Favorite Hikes

Roxborough Park is always beautiful but in another month it will be bursting with color too. When I was there you could see nature’s floor under the dead branches turning green, with little teeny tiny wildflowers peeking through.  I will have to return when more flowers start to bloom.

I recommend getting to the park early in the morning on the weekends, the parking is limited here. When I got here late in the afternoon on Sunday the parking lot was full and we had to wait about twenty minutes for people to leave. Another thing to note is that dogs aren’t allowed in the park. I was thinking I wanted to bring my pups but they had to stay home that day.

If you don’t have a park pass the admission is $7. But if you are a Colorado resident that does a lot of hiking a state parks pass is always a good investment for this time of year. We have to take advantage of the nice weather and the beautiful Colorado landscapes as much as possible.

Summer Adventures In Colorado

If you follow me on Instagram I have been talking a lot about some adventures I have planned this summer. I am getting extremely excited to adventure in my own backyard to see more of what Colorado has to offer.  After living here my whole life I haven’t come close to seeing everything I want to see in this state so this year I am changing that. My boyfriend and I are finally buying a new car. The stereotypical car that every Coloradan has. You know, the kind that is perfect for mountain road trips. Do you know which one I am talking about?! If not, you will just have to wait to see it. I can’t wait to share all of my road trip adventures with you! Thanks for reading guys!


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