Colorado Mountain Towns: Breckenridge


The Colorado Mountain town, Breckenridge, is my home away from home. A cozy mountain town full of my favorite things to do. No matter what time of year it is, even if its mud season, Breckenridge is the perfect escape away from the city. I am always anticipating my next relaxing stay in Breckenridge.

The best things about Breckenridge is snowy nights in the hot tub, the brightest stars I’ve ever seen, and the tastiest pizza in the entire state of Colorado. It’s a place I can completely relax, while aimlessly walking into all the shops on Mainstreet and grabbing a bite at one of my favorite locally owned joints with a nice view of the mountain peaks surrounding me.

Where to Stay

My family owns a timeshare at The Grand Lodge Peak 7. This makes it easy for us to find great rates for bonus time during the off seasons. It is a ghost town when the snow starts to melt in the early summer and during early November right before ski season. The offseason months make for a nice vacation where you don’t have to deal with abundant crowds of people.

The place they own is a luxurious condo and the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. The rooms are spacious with as big as a two bedroom option with a kitchen and kitchenette. Plus two bathrooms, one with a jetted tub, a lovely fireplace in the living room and enough beds for up to 8 people. A really roomy place for a family of four and my boyfriend. It’s a cozy second home to play card games and watch movies next to the fireplace. May even drink a little too much but it is our place to indulge and escape. All our worries are washed away, and we laugh the night away, simply enjoying each others company.


Where to Eat

We like to cook our favorite comfort foods when we are up there. My dad’s famous green chili is a must. Then there is my parent’s perfect potato soup with bacon and rosemary. We have our favorite places we like to go out for food and drinks too. The best pizza in Colorado is at Downstairs at Eric’s. The garlic wheat crust is what makes it the best. I get the garbage pizza covered in veggies and pepperoni and dip the crust in the honey that is always sitting on the table.

If you’re feeling a little boozy there a lot of spots to hit after a day of skiing or if there is no skiing on the itinerary start at Ollie’s. Start the morning with one of their Man-mosas or Bloody Marys, they also have a great happy hour on food and drinks with a special for every day of the week. Our favorite brunch place is the Blue Moose. They have a huge menu with everything you could possibly need. The people are welcoming and the atmosphere is homey.

Kenosha Steakhouse is the place for cozy bison chili on a cold night. At the Blue Stag Saloon, the wings are a must during happy hour. Make sure to try the garlic parmesan and sweet Thai chili ones. Then there is always the Breckenridge Brewery, our favorite place for a pint or two during happy hour.

Morning Coffee & Donuts

Breckenridge is home to some of my favorite coffee shops in the state with the best latte flavors. Clints is the place for Ice Cream in the summertime and pumpkin, gingerbread, coconut or macadamia cappuccinos in the winter time. Too many good choices at Clints. They also make great sandwiches that are good for a quick bite on the go. Another favorite coffee shop of mine is Cabin Coffee. A cute shop made to look like a log cabin on the inside and their coffee never disappoint. Then if you have a hankering for a doughnut with that coffee Daylight Donuts, a little hole in the wall, is a must. Their pumpkin doughnuts were the best I ever had when we were just up there in November.

Winter Activities

In Breckenridge, there are always new restaurants to try and favorites to go back too. After your done eating all that food it will be time to get outdoors for whatever seasonal activity your heart desires. My family can be quite the snow bunnies during the winter. I have only done skiing and snowboarding a couple of times. And I would do it again, but I prefer a slower pace activity like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Lucky for us the weather was still nice enough to hike in November, while the sun was shining, so we went around Dillion Reservoir. One of the most scenic beauties in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Breckenridge is the kind of town that always has something exciting going on. With so many celebrations year round there is never a bad time to go…. well as long as you can avoid driving in a blizzard. It is by far my favorite mountain getaway, I can’t wait to share more of my favorite mountain towns, there are so many and still so many I haven’t been to yet! Stay tuned for more blog posts about the best towns in my home state of Colorado.



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  1. Jenn Avatar

    I really love this post! I’ve been in living the Denver metro for more than a year, and have yet to make it up to Breckinridge yet! It is on our list for 2018, and I’ll keep this recs in mind!

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Hey Jenn, I’m so happy you liked my post! Cant go wrong with a trip to Breck! There is so much to see in CO I hope to do more exploring myself. I’ve been dying to go to Grand Junction and the Palisade Wineries. So many things to look forward to in the new year! Thanks for reading ☺️

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