Denver Sunflower Fields

Denver sunflowers

Whenever I see sunflowers start to pop out of the groud I use that as a reminder to embrace the last days of summer. They won’t be here much longer. Once the yellow falls from the summer flowers then the trees start to turn. This summer has been a busy one and I always say I wish I would have done more in the summertime. Going into summer I always have an exciting list of things to do and places I want to see but I never come close to doing it all. I always wish I would have traveled more. But I count myself lucky when I get to cross at least one thing off of my bucket list every summer season.

Denver Sunflowers

The fields of sunflowers blooming in late August every year in Denver is always a magical moment to embrace. I like creating traditions of seeing the most magical moments that nature has to offer. The Denver sunflowers have become one of my favorite late-summer traditions. I find myself hunting for all the flower fields in my state and beyond. I will always be planning trips around the best time to see certain flowers. Whether it is a blooming garden, flower farm, or a field or mountainside filled with wildflowers I am there. The title blossom hunter is deeply rooted in my nature. I always want to see a new place during the most colorful time of the year. And whenever the flowers are blooming I am at my happiest.

Last Days of Summer

However, as I start to embrace the last days of summer I can feel fall creeping up on me. I am slowly starting to think about transitioning more and more. I can feel the weather shifting already. Many want to deny the shift, but I can feel it. It all started with the sunflowers and our first foggy morning. The days are hot but the evenings are getting colder. That means it is time to start thinking about transitioning our summer wardrobe for autumn.

Summer Goodwill Finds

I had a really successful trip at Goodwill recently. I found this gorgeous denim maxi dress. It is the perfect piece that will transition through the seasons. As soon as I saw it I pictured layering all kinds of sweaters with it. What makes it an even better find is that it looks identical to a piece from Toast one of my favorite European brands for everything fall and winter. When their fall line came out recently I saw this dress for $200 and it is identical to the one I found at Goodwill for $10. That is always such an exciting thing about thrifting. If you put the time into it you can find really good quality items that become closet staples. Recently, I have found so many closet staples that have helped me build a great foundation of basics and statement pieces. I will be sharing my most recent haul soon with how I am styling everything for fall.

Vintage Is In My Soul

I recently rediscovered a part of my style that I had been ignoring for a while. Thrifting has helped me rediscover a lot of elements of my style because I am actually finding unique items that fit my old soul and vintage taste. I have always liked wearing hats, dresses, and boots. It brings out my love for the European countryside while also bringing out my love for the prairie, and western folk influences. If you love these kinds of styles just as much as me you are really going to love how I am transitioning all of my outfits to fit my personal style better than ever before. It feels so right to finally find my niche style that doesn’t feel fabricated. Thrifting and buying second- hand clothing has been a great tool for self-discovery. I highly recommend everyone try it.

Building the Foundation for Your Personal Style

Ever since I have found my personal style that feels right I am determined to help others do the same. I will be creating more blog posts with tips on how to find your personal style, build a wardrobe you are satisfied with, and find the best closet basics that help you build the closet of your dreams. There is so much content running through my head that I want to create that I believe can help many people discover everything they are looking for. Stick around if you are struggling with a closet full of nothing to wear. Because from here on out I want to be your virtual personal fashion stylist. Send me any of your questions and I would be happy to help with whatever you are struggling with.

Other outfit details:

Top from: Cocobolo, Hat from: West Pero, Boots from: Ariat, Belt: Second Hand Store.

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