Hidden Gems of Colorado: Sunflower Fields

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Who knew that there is this beautiful Colorado sunflower field right here in Denver? Talk about a hidden gem. It is really amazing how after living in Colorado for most of my life that I never knew such a place existed. Especially since Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. The field looks like it should be in France or Amsterdam, not little old Denver.  One minute this state could not get any more boring and the next it truly surprises me.

Natural Wanderer

I have been yearning to move out of Denver for a while now but the timing hasn’t been right. Being a natural vagabond I am always desiring to see new places. This makes living in the same area for most of my life tough sometimes. Some days I just want to leave everything and move to London or Hawaii for a total change of scenery. But I must remember that I can easily drive somewhere to change my view. There is still so much to see in Colorado, so much to see I couldn’t see it all in one lifetime.

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Finding the Unexpected

Going to the sunflower field reminded me that there are tons of little-hidden gems out there in my state. And now I am going on a mission to find the best ones. I can already think of a few places I have been wanting to explore. But I will be on a mission to find totally new places that I could not even dream up, like this magical sunflower field.

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I will aim for every month to go to a new place or special event in the state of Colorado. I will share my discoveries with my readers so they can keep enjoying everything this beautiful state has to offer.  With success, hopefully, I can turn these little trips to weekly affairs. Make sure to stay tuned for my series of the best list of Hidden Gems of Colorado. I encourage you to follow in my foot steps and make a commitment to explore some of your hidden gems. There is bound to be a great deal of places to discover that you have never heard of. You will find some of your favorite little corners of the world just because you fearlessly went out to find something new.






Where to Find the Sunflower Field

If you would like to find the sunflower field plan the trip soon. The flowers are at their peak this week. The fields are located over by Denver International Airport. I used this map from Reddit to find the fields. Make sure to be respectful of the land and the flowers. And enjoy!!

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  1. Kat Tanita Avatar

    These photos are beautiful … and that dress! xo Kat


    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Wow, thank you, Kat! That means so much!

  2. Picture It Pretty Avatar

    Wow what stunning photos! Your dress is gorgeous! And those fields are incredible!!

    Meghan and Victoria

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Thank you, Meghan and Victoria! I can’t wait to find more flower fields this year! It was truly one of the best days when I discovered this magical place ☺️

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    Hi Scott,
    I appreciate the thoughtful comment! It is really nice to know that my content is being enjoyed and I can’t wait to share so much more!

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