Colorado’s Hidden Gems: Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

If you caught my post yesterday, listing many of my favorite hikes here in Colorado then you may have seen a glimpse of this spot. But I wanted to highlight this beauty a little bit more. Red Rock Canyon was a random discovery when I was looking at Google Maps. We knew we wanted to visit Manitou Springs again because we really love the charming town and we knew that there was still so much to discover even after we have visited a few times.

I had no idea this place existed. I’ve never heard Red Rock Canyon mentioned in conversation, but then again I may not have been listening. But it especially isn’t mentioned at the rate people are mentioning its famous neighbor, Garden of the Gods. Which makes this place a real hidden gem. It would be a shame if you missed it while visiting its famous counterpart.

Why You Should Visit Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is considered an open space with 1,474 acres of land and 11 different trails to explore. It is impossible to see it all in one day. If I lived here I would frequent these trails as often as possible. Especially to watch the sunset. I’ve heard it is a great spot to see spring and summer wildflowers. The great thing about beautiful scenery is that is always changing from season too season. Which makes visiting these places more than once a must.

Colorado Hidden Gems

I really love uncovering the hidden gems of the world, like Red Rock Canyon. If you know me at all, every ounce of me is a natural born explorer. Experiencing new things is what I strive to do every day. That is why I started this blog, so I could create more opportunities for myself to uncover lesser-known places and share these beautiful spots with my fellow adventurers. There are so many hidden gems here in Colorado. Our life is much to short to uncover all of Colorado’s mysteries. But I hope to uncover a lot of what Colorado has to offer. As well as the world. My goal is to build a life where I can really experience the most fascinating places for an extended period of time.

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