How To Wear More Sustainable Hiking Outfits

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sustainable hiking outfits
sustainable hiking outfits
sustainable hiking outfits

My Spring Hiking Style- Straight Out of My Closet Edition 

Just like how I like to expand the travel experiences I like to do the same with my outfits. Going beyond the norm of the endless sight of plastic athletic wear on the trails. I like wearing more sustainable hiking outfits, made of breathable natural materials. And a lot of the time I can throw on a practical sustainable outfit that is second-hand that is much cuter than the typical leggings.

But there are thousands of brands that carry all the hiking gear you could ever possibly need. Built for every kind of scenario. Which makes hiking in every kind of condition easier. But you can go broke pretty quickly if you go all out in one of those recreational stores like REI or Patagonia.

And normally these athletic brands are made out of a lot of synthetic materials. Which are handy for in-climate weather. But if it is another sunny day in Colorado I want to wear something light and something that is made of a natural material like cotton, linen, or hemp.

This year I have also been on a quest to buy less. I try to avoid going into stores or perusing online as much as possible. I look to find ways to create outfits with what I have. It has been working really well for me so far. But I have to admit it hasn’t been a perfect journey or an easy one.

But whenever I am tempted I just go into my closet and see if I can pull something similar out. And most of the time I can. I have so many clothes so I might as well start wearing them! And the possibility for sustainable hiking outfits is endless.

sustainable hiking outfits
sustainable hiking outfits

Safari Chic

Safari Chic for hiking was a trend that I was seeing in a ton of photos last summer. It is a look that is really easy to accomplish if you are just going for a minimalist approach for hiking attire. This outfit is both functional and chic for a mild day of hiking. And I quickly go around town still looking put together.

I found these pleated khaki pants at a thrift store. And I bought this mock neck tee from Free People a long time ago. I found this similar long sleeve version that is sustainably made out of hemp here. 

And the oversized everyday oversized button-down shirt is from Madewell. Another purchase I made a long time ago. But you can still find this classic style here.  This was a great purchase because I am always wearing it. Even through the seasons. 

And then I threw on my favorite rustic Ariat boots. They technically aren’t hiking boots, but they work really well for a trail to the street scenario.

sustainable hiking outfits
sustainable hiking outfits
sustainable hiking outfits

Simplifying Spring Hiking Gear To Invest On The More Important Stuff

Sustainable hiking outfits really don’t have to be all that crazy. Just some cargo style pants, tee-shirt, hat, and good hiking shoes and that’s all you need I would say the most important is a thoughtful investment is the hiking boots. I see way too many on the trails not prepared with the right shoes. Thinking they can manage with tennis shoes that hardly have any tread on the bottom.

If you need some good hiking shoes you will not want to miss the Danner Semi Anual Sale going on right now. I’m really not one to promote sales but this often a high priced item that is necessary for Colorado summers, so you might as well jump on these now.

Plus I hardly ever see Danner hiking boots never go on sale. If you are doing more hiking this year and need a new pair of hiking boots. Then this is the time to get them. Mine cost a pretty penny, but I do not regret buying them. There are many more affordable options you can choose from here. Check out my favorite styles with the links below.

I hope this post inspired you to ditch the plastic based fabrics so you can try something different that may be even more functional than you think. There are only so many outfits you can wear with leggings but if you open your mind to what is in your wardrobe you will be amazed at the outfits you can create.

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