Where to Buy Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

Hats are an iconic accessory. I don’t believe there is a better way to make your outfit stand out. Especially with a sustainable straw hat in the spring and summertime. The natural texture adds so much character. And really compliments spring colors. Plus it doesn’t hurt to protect yourself from that extra sunshine you are starting to indulge in. If you are in the market for a new hat for spring or an upcoming vacation you will have to consider investing in one of these 6 sustainable brands I have listed for you here.

1. Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne is a brand that is conscious of their social responsibility. They strive to implement sustainable and ethical practices that help ensure a healthier future for us and our planet. They value slow fashion, natural fibers, local production, and fair working conditions. Jenni Kayne is a great option for investing in wardrobe-essentials. They are on the pricier side but they do offer payment plans which offer a little more accessibility when you are looking for something that is timeless and quality made. I bought their palms straw hat last year and I am absolutely obsessed. I love the natural color and open weave detail. It works well for spring gardening, farmers’ markets, and all those spring vacations on the beach.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

2. Equal Uprise

I haven’t bought a straw hat from Equal Uprise yet but I do really love the quality of the black felt hat that I bought from them this winter. But they have a few beautiful straw hat designs that I am dying to try out. Like their avocado hat. Toquilla straw is palm tree leaves that grow abundantly in Ecuador.

Equal Uprise is very transparent about the care they offer their makers in Ecuador. They are provided with fair-paying jobs and healthcare and they help fund their education for them and their family. Equal Uprise heavily focuses on responsible production methods and the sourcing of local, organic materials whenever possible. The simple and modern hat designs transcend time. I guarantee these hats will be your go-to spring hat for all those outdoor activities.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

3. Brooks Boswell

Brooks Boswell is a brick and mortar out of Portland that started blocking hats by hand in their studio. All the hats are carefully made to order. The shop is an outfitter for the spirited American. They believe in supplying both functional essentials and considered statements- unique enough to tell your story. They focus on carrying sustainable, unique, and hard-to-find brands. Including vintage.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

4. Janessa Leon

Janessa Leon makes the most beautifully detailed straw hats I have ever seen. I hope to add one of their styles to my collection soon especially to go with all of my spring outfits. Each hat is handmade with the highest quality materials. The foundation creates timeless hats you can wear throughout the seasons. The straw is first made of toquilla from Ecuador and then handmade in the USA. The handweaving for their straw hats requires precision and skill. The straw is water-resistant and protects you against UV rays. If you care for it properly it will last a lifetime. Each hat one-of-a-kind and naturally dyed.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

5. West Perro

My West Perro is my favorite go-to everyday hat. It was well worth the investment. They make sturdy and durable hats that are perfect for adventures. The handmade clay medallion on the strap is like a necklace. Making a very unique two-in-one design. I absolutely love the desert vibes this hat creates.

Every hat is handmade to order using natural palm leaves from Guatemala. Westperro offers two different colors of straw and two different brim shapes. Plus they offer several different natural earth colors for the clay medallion. Also, this shop designs gorgeous clay wall hangings.

Westperro is also a part of Head West. An organization that creates an accessible and affordable space for creatives and small businesses to set up a marketplace. And soon they will be offering resources for small businesses to learn, grow, connect, and share. This marketplace offers a great way for local businesses to strengthen their economy and community. It is amazing to see companies making a difference in their local communities and that always makes me want to support them more.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring

6. Greenpacha

I just discovered Greenpacha hats on Garmentory. Two Argentinian sisters started Greenpacha and have worked to reform the Ecuadorian tradition of straw hat weaving. They value sustainability, ethics, and humanity. And find it important to contribute to the sustainable and authentic fashion era with their one-of-a-kind hats.

They too use the common toquilla palm. Each straw hat is handwoven- and the process represents an age-old expression of being close to nature while making a living for their families by weaving hats. Greenpacha means green times in the Athata (Inca) language. Traditional straw hat weaving is serves a bridge between the weaver that is they can share and celebrate with the world. Connecting and enlightening the consumer of Latin traditions.

Sustainable Straw Hats for Spring