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The Best Lucid Dream Herbs That Connect Us To Our Ancestors

Learning How To Get In Touch With Our Dreams

There are many different lucid dream herbs. Every culture on Earth has used plants to help them enter the dream world and other states of consciousness. Dreams have been viewed as messages from the Gods and the ancestors. The ancients were very connected to their dreams and knew how to decode the messages and symbols to understand their mind’s inner workings. This can be harder to do nowadays. Many of us struggle to remember our dreams as soon as we wake up. We have lost the practice of dream recall. Our brains in the modern age are so overwhelmed with toxins, stress, and caffeine that we lose our imagination. But many herbs and dream work teachings can help us regain this ability. 

If you want to get in touch with the messages of your dreams, start by creating a lucid dream herbal tea that you can drink before you go to bed. Choose herbs that you are called to. Start with choosing herbs that were likely used by your ancestral lineage. Then, add in ones that aid sleep and calm the nervous system. This approach will allow you to create an ancestral dream blend that is unique to you. Or you can try the blend I made if buying a pre-made blend is easier.

It is also helpful to start a dream journal. The practice of writing down your dreams helps you remember more and makes it easier to decode the messages. A message may not become clear until a few days or weeks later. We begin to see the big picture if we write in a dream journal every day when we wake up. 

What Are Lucid Dreams?

You may be asking what is a lucid dream? Lucid dreams are when we are conscious we are dreaming within the dream world. This is the unique instance where the conscious mind is at rest so the subconscious mind can activate. Giving the ability to fly around the world, converse with strangers, ancestors, and distant friends, live in a new house, country, dimension, era, make love to whoever you like, there is complete freedom in the dream world. Whatever comes up may have answers to questions you have in the waking world. Our lucid dreams can be accessed any time we like with a little focused devotion. 

The dream state can give us insights into our subconscious world. Opening up to patterning and symbols that hold deep truths of our existence. Giving us insights about our personality and natural intuition. We can observe the complex constructs of the unconscious mind. Giving us insights on our purpose and tao (unique path). Entering the deep dark realms of the psyche. If we become an active participant in our dreams, we can begin to do some deep inner healing work. 

Dreams and The Water Element

Dream interpretation can be done at any time. The connection is more potent during the winter season, also known as the most yin time of year associated with the water element within Chinese Medicine. The wintertime is about connecting to the darker realms of consciousness and subconsciousness. Understanding our dreams is part of the process of understanding ourselves. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners can diagnose organ system ailments based on the contents of your dreams. Whether it is a nightmare or a vivid dream, it can tell you a great deal about your health and state of mind. Dreams are the doorway to our subtle body. When we recognize the subtle body, our healing can be more transformative. Touching on the emotional and mental state. Shifting our brainwaves, hormones, and heart rate patterns. Clearing blockages in the psyche so the imagination can emerge.

Ancestral Dreams Herbal Tea

Lucid Dream Tea

The tea I created for lucid dreaming incorporates many herbs with a significant history of use for vivid dreams and magic. When I was blending this tea, I wanted it to be a way for many of us to connect to our ancestors through dream states. So I used herbs our collective ancestors most likely used.

Also, in this blend, the three herbs that help me feel connected to my Celtic ancestors are elderberry, hawthorn, and apple—known in Irish herbalism as the Chrone, Mother, and Maiden. When I first learned of the cultural significance of these three herbs, I wanted to create a tea that would help me build a relationship with my Celtic background. These herbs support my ancestral connection through their dream recall action. Feel free to substitute herbs that best connect you to your unique lineage when communicating with your ancestors. Then, add some of these specific herbs I have listed in this blog that are known worldwide for their support in reaching higher states of consciousness. 

Blue Lotus Flowers- Nymphaea caerulea 

The captivating water lily is regarded as the flower of enlightenment and recorded in ancient scriptures as a flower that heals all. The spiritual energy of blue lotus evokes euphoria, intuition, rejuvenation, and aphrodisia. It is a highly regarded plant medicine used all over the world. But made famous by the ancient Egyptians, with the flower engraved all over ancient ruins, tombs, and artifacts. Ancient Egyptians said that the archetype of the blue lotus was like the sun god Ra, the bringer of light. Shamanic priests used it to stimulate spiritual experiences, inducing a trance state so one could commune with the gods. The flowers are also used in death rituals to help the spirit enter the light.

Aporphine is an alkaloid that causes a sense of euphoria and bliss relating to the sun. But there is also an alkaloid called nucifera, which relates to the moon because of its anti-spasmodic and relaxant properties. It also offers pain relief, stress relief, and lucid awareness. While modulating dopamine receptors and relaxing the nervous system.

Blue lotus creates a gateway into dream worlds. Bridging the divine connection between the brain and heart. Helping us become aware of our intuitive abilities. Granting access to realms of inner knowledge that arise from seeking our tao within the great universe. When you look at a lotus flower, you see its pure presence rise from the depths of muddy waters. This imagery helps us understand the importance of not letting our external environment impede our inner beauty, teaching us to stay steady within our self-belief and trust in the unknown. Surrendering to the fact that we don’t have all of the answers. Gently unfold your beauty as you emerge from the darkness by listening to the protectors of mystery. If your dreams feel heavy, dark, and strange, adding blue lotus to your dream time, tea can help you work through the darkness. 

Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris

Shamans have used Mugwort throughout many ancient civilizations in Central/South America, by Native Americans, in TCM, and in Ayurveda. For astral projections, vivid dreams, and divinations and to conjure the presence of divinities. They believed digging up the roots and putting them under the pillow would induce prophetic dreams.

Artemisia family is a sacred plant family named after the moon goddess Artemis. It is well known as a herb that connects us to the moon’s energy—illuminating the path to higher consciousness and representing our emotional body, shadow self, underworld, and psychic abilities. It is closely linked to the fairy realms historically used to protect against evil spirits, parasites, dark energies, and dark spells. The thujone content is the compound in wormwood that is hallucinogenic, and it depends on how you distill (like in absinthe)  to create that effect. The extraction damages the body but can be immune-stimulating and neurogenic with moderate doses. Taking small doses is recommended. Mugwort can be used in the same way. 

Mugwort is also commonly used as smoke to cleanse a space or as a dream tea if we are ready to encounter the darker realms of the self, mugwort. can help strengthen our psyche and prepare us for unforeseen entities. The slightly bitter herb is used traditionally to aid stomach and digestive issues. Specifically cleansing out parasites and aiding weak digestion. 

Mugwort has been used as a dream herb for divination to recall dreams and is used for its oracle connection. Smudge, smoke cleanser, water limpias of any kind, tonics to remove pathogenic substances, good for the microbiome, blood, and immune function. 


The dark side of mugwort is that it can bring on illusions of fear, separation, and disconnection.  It is important to consider the side effects of this plant if you have nightmares or dreams that prevent restful sleep. Mugwort in the dream realm helps instruct you on drawing on your psychic powers—helping you work through the shadow realms and offering clarity and light in the darkest realms of the psyche. Observe aspects of how your life remains in darkness. Add mugwort to your dream time tea to confront what needs to be done to move past it. 

Passion Flower – Passiflora incarnata

A precious and captivating botanical flower. Native to Central and South America. The name refers to the Passion of Christ, referring to his suffering and death. It was introduced to Europe and was classically used as an antispasmodic, hypnotic, anodyne, anxiolytic, sedative, and nervous system tonic.  It is known for helping tranquilize edgy nerves, aiding insomnia, mood disorders, headaches, colic, menstrual cramps, diarrhea, neuralgia, eye disorders, epilepsy, convulsions, muscle spasms, and pain. 

To this day, shamans use passionflower in floral baths to calm and cleanse the spirit. Passionflower is considered as a bridge to “Christ consciousness,” assisting in direct communication with the mythical voice within. It was also pressed as intense and used to alter the energy of a space when one is feeling stressed, traumatized, and disturbed. Passionflower is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spiritual realization, religious experiences, the spirit world, the Maya, and great illusion. 

Passionflower symbolizes surrender, sacrifice, and the crucifixion of the ego. Representing the need to sacrifice in order to make space and move forward. Symbolizing great understanding even with unseen truths.As well as discernment of what needs to be seen. Use for performing rituals around letting go. Today might reflect the need to suspend actions that aren’t aligned with your spiritual path. Look back at decisions for actions you’ve made that you had to sacrifice in order to re-direct your path toward a life you wanted. Honor your intuition. It is okay if projects or ideas come to an unexpected halt. Discernment is key to experiencing greater truths and opportunities. 

Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm is a friendly herb that is part of the mint family. Many herbalists and gardeners love growing it in their garden because of its uplifting presence. A natural anxiety remedy that has likely been used to calm the nerves since the Middle Ages. It is antispasmodic, analgesic, and calming. Helping treat digestive issues, headaches, and migraines, aiding with sleep disturbances, and calming over excitement.

The word balm is derived from the word balsam, which means it is a plant with significant healing and restorative qualities. Lemon balm is used to improve vitality and longevity and has even been called the “elixir of life.” The volatile oils have a nervine effect that is slightly sedative to the nervous system—alleviating tension, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and panic attacks. Combines well with other nerve tonic herbs for stress. Bringing a sense of peace and serenity, reconnecting to those with nightmares, and connecting us to our inner child within our dream space. When you feel downhearted, heavy-hearted, melancholic, and depressed, lemon balm will help bring a smile back to your face. 

TulsiOcimum tenuiflorum

Holy Basil, known as Tulsi, is a significant pillar of Ayurvedic herbalism. It is referenced in ancient Indian texts that date back to 5000 B.C—noted as the Queen of Herbs in the Ghagavata Purana—embodying the goddess of wealth and generosity. Referred to as a gateway between heaven and Earth. It helps one manifest the divine within, with many cultures regarding it as a symbol of purity and divinity. Plant medicine is used in many Ayurvedic formulas for longevity and rejuvenation. Treating intestinal gas, colds, flu, headaches, migraines, anxiety, weakness, memory enhancement, premature aging, tumors and more.Enhancing cerebral circulation and memory. 

Working with Tulsi in the dream realms helps catalyze magic, fortune, and wealth. Bridging our world of reality with our spiritual realms. Reminding us that we are the gateway into the greatest mysteries. Opening doorways of abundance, wisdom, and creativity. Helping us communicate through a place of wonder, innocence, and impeccability rather than doubt and confusion. Allowing us not to be fooled by material possessions or vanity. Tuning us deeper into the realities of your true self through appreciation of spontaneous celebration of who you are and satisfaction with all you have.  The archetype of Tulsi embodies Mercury, the great communicator who governs our conscious mind, perception, and understanding—governing the nervous system and respiratory systems. It is also ruled by mercury’s polar opposite, Jupiter, because of its adaptogenic properties that increase longevity, improve immunity, and boost spiritual consciousness. 

ElderberrySambucus nigra

The oldest record referring to the Elder is written by Hippocrates and is called “The Medicine Chest” because it can heal many ailments. The word Elder is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Aeld, which means fire. Elder trees have a lifespan of around 60 years. The flowers are used as a diaphoretic to induce sweating and as a diuretic to increase urine flow. It is also used for respiratory ailments and wound healing. The berry’s medicinal properties help treat constipation and diarrhea and increase urine flow. They are used as a tonic for coughs, colds, flu, various respiratory kidney ailments, toothaches, joint pain, and menstrual complaints. 

Elder is old-world medicine for magical protection against serious diseases like the Black Plague. The seeds of elderberries have been found in archeological sights that date back to the Stone and Bronze Age. Ancient Egyptians used flowers to beautify the skin and heal burns. The Druids considered the Elder tree one of their most sacred trees, representing death, birth, and regeneration. It had a magical connection to the fairy world and a gateway to the underworld. Even say it connected you to the Queen of the Fae.

In Scandinavia, they named the spirit that inhabits the Elder trees Hildermore, who embodies the mother archetype—instilling the importance of using the elder tree’s permission to harvest its many medicines and to create an offering for the tree. Respect the Elder tree as if it were your mother. The energy the tree embodies is protection. History says that the elders protected you from witches, but others believed witches gathered under the elders and even turned themselves into an elder tree. Elderberries in a Dreamtime tea will connect you to the fairy realms and stimulate vivid dreams. Protecting us from evil spirits. 

HawthornCrataegus monogyna

Hawthorn is one of the best heart tonics available in herbal medicine. The leaves, flowers, and berries contain medicine. Softening arteries, curing giddiness, and reducing palpitations. In TCM, the berries are used to treat food stagnation. Working through the meridians of the heart, spleen, stomach, and liver.

Celtic herbalism calls the hawthorn tree the fairy tree with rich folklore and legends that date back thousands of years—associated with the other realms called the Otherworld, where mythical creatures and gods roam. Hawthorn medicine serves as a doorway between our world and the mystical realm. There are many old gnarled hawthorn trees across Ireland because it is believed to be bad luck if one cuts one down. Hawthorn is also associated with love and springtime because of the romantic atmosphere the sweet hawthorn blossoms create. In ancient Greece, hawthorn is associated with love and marriage. Brides wore hawthorn branches in their hair. Adding the flower and leaf of hawthorn helped me connect to the magic of my Celtic lineage. And helped me align with nature’s circadian rhythms. 

AppleMalus domestica

Apples have a rich history of lore and folk medicine. When we think of stories told of apples, probably the first one that comes to mind is of Adam and Eve, the cause of mankind’s downfall in the Garden of Eden. Legends and stories span throughout ancient civilizations, including Arabs, Teutons, Celts, Greeks, and beyond. Nordic traditions referred to the apple as a symbol of immortality. It is used as a divination device and love charm. Symbolizing fruitlessness. In China, apples are regarded as the fruit of peace and unity. Apollo of Greece held apples in high regard and may have helped influence the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Even eating an apple before bed is known to aid sleep disorders and opens us up to lucid dreams. 

Other Dream Herbs to Consider:

Calea zacatechichi, Rosemary, Sage, Kava Kava, Shisandra, XHOSA “The African Dream Herb”, Devils Club, Bobinsana, Mucuna Pruriens, Mulungu, Calamus, Albizzia, Ashwagandha, Valerian root, Gingo biloba, Mimosa. 

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