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Relax At The Mineral Tubs in Manitou Springs

Wellness As A Priority

Practicing more yoga and meditation is one way to slow down. But it can be even simpler than that by going out in nature. There is so much natural beauty in Colorado, with so many hidden gems throughout the rocky mountains. Colorado has many gems to choose from, especially when it comes to natural hot springs. I recently found an incredible gem in Manitou Springs. A hot spring spa called Sun Water, where you can soak in the mineral-rich water in all-natural cedar tubs while enjoying the Colorado Mountain views. It is the perfect place to slow down and care for your well-being in the healing waters. 

Exploring Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is the perfect destination for health and wellness if you live in Colorado or are just visiting. Located 6 miles west of Colorado Springs, this unique mountain town is easily accessible. There is an abundance of active things to do outdoors, so you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Like Garden of the Gods, Cave of The Winds, and Pikes Peak. Including several outdoor activities like the famous Manitou incline and other incredible hiking and mountain biking trails. Plus, the town of Manitou is charming enough to wander around. Offering some delicious food options as you wander around and taste the eight differrent mineral springs. I will share some of my favorite places I like to visit when I travel to Manitou Springs, but there is still so much I have yet to see in this area. So much for you to discover. Make your well-being a priority and book the trip. 

Take care of your well-being with a trip to one of the many Colorado’s hot springs no matter which direction you are headed. Taking the time for yourself may not be easy, but it should be a top priority. Lately, I have been trying to be better about taking care of my well-being by setting better intentions for myself. Starting with being kinder to myself and allowing myself to slow down the pace, prioritizing all the things that bring me joy, and experiencing everything life has to offer. If you feel this way, too, it is a perfect time to get away to Sun Water Spa. 

Mineral Bath Heaven

I heard about SunWater Spa from a co-worker of mine a while back. Finally, I set off to check it out to see if it was a worthwhile place to share with all of you.   It’s impossible to go wrong with a day spent in warm hot tubs, but this was no ordinary hot tub. The SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs has soaking tubs connected to a mineral spring and unique cedar soaking tubs. This creates an enriched mineral-soaking experience with a ton of health benefits. The all-natural atmosphere will have you forgetting all of your troubles. 

Cedar Tubs

The Sun Water Mineral Tubs are similar to a natural hot spring with the quality of the natural mineral water. The only difference is that they are not naturally a hot spring since the heat is added. Creating a unique water therapy experience.  Generally, the hot springs water is raised to 100 to 104 degrees. The heat from the water then extracts cedar oil from the tubs. Giving the color of the water a yellow to dark red tint. The oils from the tub create a cedar tea that soothes the skin, aids the respiratory system, and creates an entirely unique aromatic experience.

Mineral Water

The soaking tubs are filled with mineral waters from the Seven Minute Spring. The spring is fed by the karst aquifer deep in the living rock of the rugged Tava Mountain foothills.  The waters contain calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, lithium, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium, sulfate, and zinc, offering the body extra healing properties by balancing the function of our body systems. These sacred waters filter through underground rock faults that infuse the hot springs spa with healing minerals. In Manitou there are eight springs open to the public, each with its own distinctive flavor and effervescence. Take a walk through town and try each one to see how the various minerals affect the flavor. 

Sacred Healing

The land upon which Manitou Springs was founded had long been a sacred cultural crossroads for the Anasazi, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Ute, and Arapaho people. They gathered here near the mineral springs, whose natural carbonation they called The Breath of The Great Spirit. They believed these waters carried great power to heal and cleanse. The word manitou is a native American word that describes a good or evil spirit as an object of reverence. 

This was precisely what my achy body needed. The mountain views from the tub were incredible. It was truly an amazing evening watching the sunset over the mountains—one of the best activities I have experienced here in my home state of Colorado. Next time, I must return to this spa and try some of their treatments and wellness classes to share my experiences with you. I need an excuse to embrace another perfect evening like this one. This spot is a must-see if you ever visit or live in Colorado. Plan a romantic getaway with your loved ones or some “me time.” Either way, Manitou Springs will be the perfect getaway for a hefty dose of relaxation. 

How It Works

It is best to reserve your spot several weeks ahead of time because the tubs can book up fast. The reservation is for 90 minutes of soaking, which is more than enough, and each tub can seat up to 4 people. You also get to choose the tub you reserve, so the sooner you book, the better view you will get. With each booking, you can access the indoor saline pools and sauna. Before entering the warm water, you must wash off in their showers. Bring a towel and sandals if you are soaking in the tubs. If you are getting spa services, a towel will be provided. 

Sun Water Spa Treatments

For an even more relaxing experience, you can book a massage or skincare service at the full-service spa. The spa treatments incorporate an extensive range of organic products from Eminence. Offering many different kinds of specialty massages. The Atma massage is a Swedish-style massage with long, relaxing strokes. A Detox Massage uses dry brushing to stimulate circulation within the lymphatic system. Ahiatsu Massage is a Japanese-style foot pressure massage offering deep tissue relief. Gahara Massage is another style of deep tissue massage that focuses on realigning the connective tissues, releasing tension with small strokes and deep pressure on tense areas. Then there is the Chakra Massage, where they use seven different body oils to help balance the seven energy centers and nourish physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Then there is a warm Poultice Massage incorporating herbs that ease muscles and clear blockages. There is also a hot stone, scalp, foot, and massage for pregnant mothers. 

Other services include a couples massage, body wraps, body scrubs, various facials, brow/lash services, and waxing. You can even book yoga classes before you hit the tubs for an even more rejuvenating experience. Visit the Sun Water Spa page to book and view full details. 

Sharing All The Wellness Spots in Colorado

Colorado has an abundance of hot spring spas for you to discover. In Steamboat Springs, there is the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Glenwood Springs has the Glen Wood Springs Resort and Iron Mountain Hot Springs. Aspen has Conundrum Hot Springs. Ridgway has Orvis Hot Springs. Nathrop has Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. Crestone has Valley View and Joyful Journey. To name a few. No matter what direction you are going in the mountains, there is likely a hot spring in that direction, with various natural pools and incredible mountain views. Coloradans love taking a dip in any hot spring water, no matter the time of year, making it easier to plan a relaxing getaway. I will share more about each hot spring in a separate post. 

Mineral Spa + Pizza = The Perfect Date Night

After a soak in the tub, we finished the night by trying a new restaurant in Colorado Springs. Bambino’s was an excellent spot for pizza. They even had vegan pizza that tasted like the real deal. Honestly, it’s one of the best pizza places I have ever been to in Colorado. The sauce, the vegan cheese, the crust, and all the vegetables all melded together and turned out to be my perfect pizza. And, bonus, it was super inexpensive. If heading south of Denver, you must consider making this pit spot. A mineral bath and pizza night made for a much-needed relaxing getaway with my love. I cannot wait to go back. 

Overnight Stay Suggestions

If you are looking for any overnight stays in the area, I highly recommend this quaint stone cottage Airbnb that we stayed in. But you may prefer to stay at the famous Broadmoor Resort. Then if you are staying overnight, that means you are going to need a nice breakfast place. We love Adam’s Mountain Cafe it is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant that is all organic, and everything is made in-house. They have an abundance of options to choose from. We love the vegan Huevos Rancheros and the Vegan French Toast. Then, if you need a coffee fix, we really love Story Coffee Co. They have high-quality roasted beans and talented baristas.