The Spiritual World of Crestone

Hanne Strong’s Dream

“Let us together join the revolution and create a new civilization that manifests ‘Peace within, Peace with each other, Peace with nature.’ “

Hanne Strong –The Manitou Foundation

Hanne Strong is the definition of a wild dreamer. She has been working since 1988 to change the world. By building a destination focused on awakening the spirit within those that are seeking a deeper connection to their conscious being. Her manifested dream has created a haven for all walks of life. So they can retreat deep into the wild wilderness in Crestone, Colorado, and unlock answers they may not have been looking for. Hanne has turned Crestone into a safe place where lost souls with open minds can go. People who are lucky enough to stumble upon this town, use spiritual teachings to work to find a new perspective or even their life’s purpose. The journey is unlike any other in the state.

Crestone’s Destiny

At first glance, you would assume there isn’t much to see in a town with a population of only 146. No one would ever think they would uncover a mystical spiritual kingdom in the middle of the Colorado mountains. But this is what Hanne envisioned as soon as she set foot in San Luis Valley. When she gazed up at the towering peaks she knew there was something that brought her here. She immediately felt the spiritual energy of the land and felt she was called to do something big with it.

When the 200,000 plus acres fell into Hanne’s lap. The answers on what to do with the land was found by going on a spiritual quest in the mountains. Four days secluded in the wilderness. Gazing at all the nature that surrounded her. Gave her the crazy idea to turn Crestone into what it is today.

The Billionaire and The Blonde

Hanne grew up in Copenhagen and married a self-made billionaire turned environmentalist, Maurice Strong. From a very early age, she believed she was born in the wrong country. She said “this is my first time around as a white woman. For countless generations, I was a Native American Indian. And for countless other generations, I was Tibetan.” -(Enlighten Town) Her belief in nature and the power of reincarnation made her believe that she had something big she had to accomplish in this life. And when she came to Crestone her wildest dreams were starting to make sense.

Hanne’s life has been driven by her interests for the greater good and for a brighter future for younger generations. When Hanne formulated the Manitou Foundation in Crestone. Her ultimate vision was to see “cultivation of a community of mutual understanding, harmony, and respect. As a model for the world. A model that also exemplifies sustainable living and environmental stewardship.”- Manitou Foundation.

Crestone is Possibly The Most Enlightened Place On Earth

Crestone is a place where we all can find many old age religious traditions that co-exist harmoniously together. There is no other place on Earth like it. Hanne decided to invite various religious groups to build their religious communities on the land. There are now about 25 different world religions represented at the Baca Ranch in Crestone. Harmoniously working together as one of the most sustainable and enlightened communities on the planet.

“Unlike superficially similar small towns. Crestone’s terrain has always been a place of big dreams. — From the Hopi on their vision quests. To gold miners on their get rich quick quests. From land speculators dreaming of $ signs. To today’s pilgrims dreaming of a better world.”- (Enlightened Town)

Where Coloradans Can Find Solitude When the World is Out of Control

Many tourists pass through Crestone on their way to The Great Sand Dunes. Unaware of the cultural and spiritual haven that they drive past. Maybe you are headed in this direction. Unknowing of the untouched land that is waiting to be discovered. The land that will lead you to answers you didn’t know you were looking for. As you try to grapple with the realities of the current state of our world. By hiking the tallest mountains and the tallest dunes. You realize that the nature that surrounds you holds the spirits that will help enlighten you.

Coloradans know very well that nature is a great healer. That is why so many of us will always call it home. But how many of us take what they need from nature and fail to pay it forward. Back into the land and the life that inhabits it.

If you are lucky enough to stumble across this “Enlightened Town”. Maybe you can start to uncover the teachings that you are meant to know. Any spiritual practice can help unravel who you are and start connecting you to the world around you. When you find yourself you then start to learn how to connect to your community. Then from there, you can learn how to contribute to the greater good. And maybe you can pass on these teachings so we can all learn a better way of life. The people in Crestone are prepared for whatever may happen. Are you?

Hanne May Be The Wildest Of Dreamer

Hanne Strong is a beam of light that we don’t often get to encounter in the western world. But her dream made it possible for so many others to find their way in this life. She made her mark on this world. And as the world gets crazier. The lucky ones who learn from the teachings of the spiritual centers in Crestone will be able to rise above anything that comes their way.

Find resources and more information about the spiritual centers in Crestone here. They are all currently closed due to the pandemic. But they are all offering exclusive online experiences that we can all learn from within our own homes.

If you are planning a visit to Crestone and The Great Sand Dunes National Park, here is a travel guide to help you plan your trip.

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