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Vegan Dream Brownies with Blue Lotus & Cacao

Indigenous Plant Wisdom

Recently I have been taking an online course about indigenous plant medicine and rituals from the rainforest with Adriana Ayales the creator of Anima Mundi Apothecary. What I have been learning about plant medicines like cacao and blue lotus has inspired me to create these vegan dream brownies. I have lost the ability to remember my dreams most nights so I was curious to try this combination to see if it would help improve lucid dreaming and my dream recall. Learning from the ancients through these plant medicines evokes a curiosity about the higher states of consciousness they were able to transcend when using these wise plants.

Blue lotus flower and cacao are both ancient herbs that have been used together for centuries for anti-aging, as an aphrodisiac blend, and for the euphoric- lucid dream effects. Both of these plants help stimulate melatonin at night to enter a euphoric state that may allow you to enter the lucid dream state when you are asleep. Traditionally blue lotus is also used to this day, in the Mayan culture to aid meditation rituals. If you are curious about what made these two plants so sacred to ancient civilizations across the world then you will have to test it yourself and try this lucid dream brownie recipe.

Making Dream Brownies with Dream Herbs

When blue lotus and cacao are combined the effects of blue lotus are enhanced. What I have found is that blue lotus is very effective in creating more vivid dreams but is also a gentle sleep aid when taken before bed as a tea, tincture, or chocolate treat. This brownie recipe also contains chia seeds, another sacred plant medicine used by Aztec warriors to boost vitality and stamina. The brownies are an incredible treat for times when you need deep relaxation, sleep, and a mood boost. Adding herbal remedies to your everyday meals is an incredible way to build a relationship with ancient herbs that have been used for centuries for healing. 

Make these when you need a boost of happiness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. I love making these during the winter (water element) to encourage proper rest and to ease any extra worries that may be weighing on my mind. These brownies are an incredible anxiety reliever after dealing with stress that comes to the surface during inner work or after a long work day. They are incredibly easy to make. Plus they are vegan and full of whole ingredients that nourish the body. 

Blue Lotus Effects

Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea), is originally from Egypt and then spread wildly across India, Thailand, and the rest of the world. The ancient Egyptians worshiped blue lotus flowers. Their temples and artifacts are covered with lilies of the Nile River symbols. The ancient Egyptians cultivated blue lotus flowers in special lakes and ponds. 

Blue lotus flowers were traditionally used to enhance melatonin which also creates the sought-after anti-aging effect. The flowers have a  dual effect of awakening and relaxation both at the same time. It has been traditionally used in religious ceremonies to enter higher states of consciousness.  Common effects can be higher psychic energy and a pleasant warming sensation in the head and upper body. But the effects will be different for everyone and it depends on the dosage and the way it is ingested. 

This sacred flower is a nervine and anti-spasmodic herb. If you ever struggle with an anxious mind during meditation blue lotus can be used as a tea to mildly calm the nervous system. It can also help regulate your mood. If you are constantly feeling ups and downs in your day-to-day. Then introducing blue lotus and meditation into your morning ritual may be worth a try. The calming effect helps us drop into our body and open our third eye. Heightening our internal awareness while calming the nervous system. The calming euphoric feeling is what helps us gain insight from the ancients. Connecting to the sacred flower that has been celebrated all over the world for centuries. 

Blue lotus tea can be made before meditation or before bed so you can practice entering lucid dream states. This can be an easy state to enter for some, but for others, it takes dedication and time to improve dream time. Traditionally it was steeped in wine for long periods. 

If you are overly sensitive to dream herbs try to balance the intense euphoric sensation by blending it with other calming herbs like passionflower, skullcap, or mugwort. Ancestral Dreams herbal tea blend is a magical sleepy time blend that is gentle and effective in connecting to deeper realms of consciousness and ancestral awareness. Plus the sedative effects of this blend will help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Be aware of the side effects which include heightened anxiety and nightmares in certain people. Start with a low dosage and increase if needed. And take regularly to really start to feel its effects. 

Ancestral Dreams Herbal Tea

Cacao Effects

We all know that cacao is an incredible mood booster that helps trigger dopamine receptors and lift the depression veil, making us feel happy and relaxed. Cacao is a nutrient-dense, mineral-rich, superfood that holds an incredible amount of antioxidants. Helping increase bliss chemicals in the brain like serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, and. phenylethylamine. Basically food for the brain. 

Traditionally it was used as a multivitamin because of all the incredible compounds it holds. At one time it was also used as money by the Mayan civilization because it was such a highly valued plant. Used as a medicine for the brain and heart. Cacao contains theobromine a cardiovascular stimulant that increases heart function and blood flow. Raw cacao even has compounds that stimulate the feeling of love. Used as a heart medicine for thousands of years. 

A few health benefits of cacao are its ability to absorb free radicals that are caused by toxins and pollution in our environment. It is the highest plant-based source of iron. And is also a great source of magnesium which is one of the most deficient minerals in the Western world. Magnesium helps reduce anxiety and stress. Cacao and blue lotus are a dynamic duo that can be used as a mild anti-depressant. As well as benefits the heart. helps regulate hormones, and turns glucose into energy that enables your brain to focus with laser-sharp clarity. It also contains more calcium than cow’s milk. 

Cacao is different than cocoa powder. The Dutch processing that makes cocoa powder removes all of the most valuable nutrients from the cacao plant. So if you are seeking all of the special properties and effects it is important to source raw cacao from a trusted grower that values the processing and keeps the nutrients intact. I highly recommend buying this organic heirloom cacao powder from Anima Mundi. I have found that standard cacao powder from the grocery store just doesn’t cut it. 

Dream Brownies Recipe (Vegan)

Vegan Dream Brownies with Blue Lotus & Cacao (Vegan)

These dream brownies can be an excellent treat at night before bed. Or even during the day when you need a dose of relaxation.
Servings 6


  • 4 Chia eggs 4tbsps chia seed+4tbsps water
  • 1 Cup of Organic Heirloom Cacao
  • 3 tbsp of lotus flower infused plant milk
  • 1/2 cup of tahini
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of coconut oil melted
  • 1/2 cup of maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup of coconut sugar
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • sesame seeds


  • Make the dream brownies by first making the chia egg.
  • let sit for several minutes.
  • Combine dry ingredients.
  • Then combine wet ingredients.
  • Melt chocolate chips in microwave 10 seconds at a time and stir until melted.
  • Slowly mix dry ingredients into wet.
  • Place batter in a parchment paper lined baking dish.

Find another recipe using Anima Mundi Suma root powder here.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check with your doctor before taking any medicinal herbal substances, especially if on any medications.