What is Folk Mountain Style?

The Definition of Folk Mountain Style

Prairie dresses, western boots and hats, Wrangler jeans, railway overalls, and western-influenced vintage clothing, mixed with practical adventure clothing are some of the elements that I like to call folk mountain style. Throw in a banjo or a mandolin to complete the picture.

The Colorado Mountain Style Influence

The mountains in Colorado have always been rural, wild, and filled with adventure. The historic streets of the mountain towns that were once known as Colorado’s mining towns inspire a certain aesthetic that can only be found in Colorado.

I have been more and more inspired by the rich history of Colorado. It holds 100’s if not 1000’s of years of mystery. The simple days of living in a mining town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains would be so unlike today.

I wish I could feel the energy of one of these old towns. Buzzing over a nugget of gold found in the river. I can picture all the wild dreamers desperate and diligently panning the river bed searching for their riches. What a curious time to be alive.

When I picture this time period I always like to picture what people were wearing, what they were doing, what they were going through. Sometimes I stumble across a photograph of this time in Colorado and it sparks my imagination.

How These Ideas Have Influenced Me

A mixture of growing up in Colorado, and experiencing the wilderness as a Girl Scout has set fire to my adventurous spirit. But I also am torn by the idea of wearing prairie dresses every day and tending to the mountain farmland. This simple homesteading ideal calls to me while the wild explorer climbing the highest peak calls to me too.

This makes Colorado a perfect place to call home. There will always be adventures in between to influence my style and my lifestyle. But I will always have the mountain folk style as a idea to draw inspiration from whenever I need it. If you like this idea too then you will have to follow me on Instagram where I share some of my favorite #folkmountain outfits.

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