How to Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

zero waste lifestyle

The Zero Waste Journey

It has been a goal of mine to go zero waste this year. I am starting by completely cutting out everything plastic. Since we are a society that uses plastic for everything this has proven to be a challenging goal. One that needs serious planning.

Everyone’s zero waste journey is going to be different. Buying the right reusable tools and containers can be expensive. Plus preparing your own foods and everyday products out of raw materials A whole process that is much more time consuming than unwrapping a ready to eat meal. Or quickly grabbing a bottle of an everyday cosmetic, cleaning product, or food item.  Starting a zero waste journey is going to be based on what you can afford and what you have time for. It is important to start finding waste-free solutions that fit your lifestyle. This change needs to happen as soon as possible. This planet cannot take much more neglect.

Building Zero Waste Habits

Start with some basic habits like carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Then once you have that habit down to an art move on to the next one. Pay attention to every single thing you are throwing in the trash. Start asking yourself how you can eliminate this piece of trash from ever being used in the first place. Pictured on this blog post are a few items to give you some ideas on how to get started.

Zero Waste Starts at the Supermarket

The waste-free journey starts at the supermarket. We have had these great reusable bags available to purchase at every grocery store at a price that everyone can afford for decades. But why are we still using plastic bags? This lazy habit is absolutely mental and needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

Don’t Forget The Bags

The excuse that you forgot them in the car for the hundredth time is no longer an excuse anymore. As soon as you remember you forgot your bags in the car. Why not walk your lazy butt to go get them. then maybe you will learn to remember them next time. Trust me you probably need the walk. It’s for your own good. This type of behavior is a huge pet peeve of mine that I could rant on for hours. To clairify, I hope with this post you get the message loud and clear to NEVER EVER use a plastic bag again.

Reusable bags: Cotton bags and Mesh Produce Bags

Now this includes the little plastic produce bags too. Go to that convenient website called Amazon and buy yourself some snazzy bags that you are excited to use for your next trip to the store. The large mesh bags are great alternatives for produce. They stretch out so you can load up on all those good fruits and veggies. The little tan cotton bags I use for the produce section and bulk food section. They are perfect for fine grains like quinoa or even loose baking flour. Start eliminating packaged foods where you can by shopping in the bulk food section more.

Glass Jars

I then like to transfer dry foods from the cotton bags to mason jars or other food container jars. This keeps my pantry healthy, and organized. I found my affordable jars at World Market. But you can easily buy a case of mason jars at the supermarket. They are always affordable for any budget. Or reuse any glass jars that you buy like spaghetti sauce jars. The jars are great for filling with common foods that you use on a daily basis. And these jars are airtight and keep the food fresh for a long time.

No More Plastic Wrap

Bee’s wrap is a brilliant alternative to plastic wrap or food storage. There are several different sizes and colors that can be used to wrap bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, or cover a bowl. Bee’s Wrap is the perfect natural seal that keeps food fresh in the refrigerator and seals tight when cold. The wrap is made out of all-natural ingredients such as beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Once used all you have to do is give it a quick wash and it is ready to be used again.

Take Action Now

In short, taking the steps to eliminate plastic from your life is imperative to sustain a healthy life for every living thing on Earth. The United States has one of the worst systems for recycling with only 25% of the plastic produced that is recycled. It takes 1000 years for plastic to biodegrade in the landfill. Then there is the problem with plastic killing coral reefs and sea life. We are paying the price even more with scientists finding microscopic pieces of plastic in the sea life we eat. This is a major problem. What are you going to do to make a change?

I would love to hear your success stories and tips on how you have become waste-free. I will be sharing more of my tips and my journey on how I am eliminating my waste. And I hope it inspires you to make this important lifestyle change. We are in this together. ????????????

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  1. […] prevented when buying bulk foods. Make sure to bring the reusable cotton bags that I shared in my previous post to avoid the use of plastic bags. Then when you start cutting out foods in a package and replacing […]

  2. […] prevented when buying bulk foods. Make sure to bring the reusable cotton bags that I shared in my previous post to avoid the use of plastic bags. Then when you start cutting out foods in a package and replacing […]

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