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The Way of Plants weaves visual stories that capture the many layers of healing we can find through plants by studying ancient Taoist traditions and the five elements.

Find inspiration for cultivating daily wellness rituals that facilitate growth on your own personal journey, or we can work together on your next visual project for your wellness business that requires reverence for healing.

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I am so glad you are here.

My personal healing journey all started with a bowl of tea. I found the language of plants, and we have been kindred spirits ever since. My purpose is to share plant medicine to help inspire more to converse with the plant kingdom through food, herbs, and other practices that cultivate our vital life force.

The Way of Plants approaches healing through the Taoist lineage through understanding the interconnectedness of all life through the five elements. Diving deep into the well of the wisdom of the elements in nature. I hope that we can be friends and navigate our path to healing together.

Jess Leigh Ryan