How to Appreciate Slow Living on Earth Day

A Slow Spring

The greatest aspect of the stay at home order has been learning to slow down. This pandemic is forcing us to live in a different way and it is a much-needed change. Slow living during this bizarre chapter can teach us how we can all live better lives going forward. We can make the world a better place if we choose it. If we embrace this free time a little more wisely by choosing to learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. Then we can come together and solve our world’s biggest issues that are waiting for us on the other side of this. As we look closely at the world around us there is so much darkness. But we can not be afraid of what is to come. Because we have the greatest opportunity, today, to change anything we want if we start with the intention now.

Re-connecting To Our Home

Over time we have lost our connection to this planet. We have become oblivious to the power of the Earth. And have lost our inner intuition, aka our inner power. Since we are forced to slow down now we have the perfect opportunity to re-connect to nature. In fact, nature is the very thing that is forcing this reality on us now. Viruses are a part of nature. And with this powerful virus, the Earth is telling us something. We must listen to her.

If you take a moment to connect to this present moment. Become aware of all your senses. Sit in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh spring air, listen to the birds chirping, watch the leaves, and flowers blooming. It is a slow spring, an enchanting time to watch the world change. Connecting to Earth will help you connect to yourself because we are nature, it is the life within us. And we must hold every form of life as sacred and work towards protecting it.

Healthy Earth = Healthy Us

Once we learn to better tap into nature and ourselves we can take the necessary steps to regenerate our broken way of being. Reclaiming our love for the Earth is reclaiming the love for ourselves and everyone and everything around us. Our well-being depends on our connection to nature and it is time to fine-tune this spirit by living healthier lives. We cannot ignore this age of learning. We cannot let this time go to waste. The Earth is here for all of us and we must fight to keep her healthy. Because if she is healthy then we are healthy. Happy Earth Day.

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