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5 Gorgeous Fall Destinations You Need To See

Fall Bucket List

Fall Destinations: Colorado

Celebrations of fall are always special ones especially when you can escape to many colorful fall destinations. Escaping to the Colorado mountains as soon as the leaves start to change is a must! Usually, I am only able to get away for a day trip to see the leaves but this year we had planned a trip on perfect timing when the leaves were at their peak. A week of adventuring among the leaves was a real treat that has given me the desire to plan an annual autumn getaway. In this post, I am sharing where I am dreaming to visit next with my fall getaway bucket list.

If you want to see the leaves changing in the Colorado mountains there are many options to choose from. From many years of exploring Colorado’s great mountains, I have my favorite spots and I have many spots that I still haven’t seen yet. Beaver Creek and Vail are covered in colorful aspen trees. If you stop here make sure to check out Piney Lake (an hour drive from Vail), and the many trails that wrap around Beaver Creek Mountain. Some other places I like to visit is Breckenridge (my second Colorado home), Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Frisco, and Glenwood Springs. Some places that I know are beautiful that I have yet to see are the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Crested Butte in the fall, Telluride, and many many more secluded spots. One of these years I plan on taking the train from Denver to Grand Junction for a festive autumn train ride.

Fall Destinations: Vermont

Oh, Vermont. I believe this fall destination is on everyone’s autumn bucket list. One year I would like to take the entire autumn season off. That way I can explore as much of New England as possible. I would plan a scenic road trip hitting up many of the east coast states, at a leisurely pace. Starting with Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and where ever else we can spare the time. I plan on staying in charming and cozy inns that remind me of the Dragonfly from Gilmore Girls. I would spend a lot of time exploring the charming little towns. Stopping in local antique shops, coffee shops, and small boutiques. Then I would fill my days with all the autumn activities. Like apple picking, long autumn walks among the trees, then some wine tasting, and visits to pumpkin patches. This is a trip I will have to plan year after next because next year we are going to Ireland in the fall.

Fall Destinations: Ireland

Mystical, magical, Ireland. Sweeping views of the countryside covered in autumnal hues make this the perfect to add to the fall destinations bucket list. Castles covered in colorful ivy. I cannot wait to experience fall in Ireland. I keep picturing what everything I would wear in Ireland. From tweed car coats to Irish cable-knit sweaters, and cozy wool scarves. As we start planning for this trip I will need everyone’s recommendations on what to see and do in Ireland. So please if you have ever been let me know where to go in the comments.

Fall Destinations: Finland

So when planning a trip to Europe it is hard to decide to dedicate all of your time to one country. Or if you should take a quick plane to another country just because everything is so close. Finland is somewhere I have been considering more and more. I have seen a lot of inspiring photos from a blogger on Instagram Jerianie. She has been giving me serious autumn wanderlust and that is why I am adding Finland to my fall destinations bucket list. The colorful forest looks like they are straight out of a fairytale. With reindeer wandering among the trees. Wild mushrooms and berries waiting to be forage before the winter hits. It truly looks like a magical autumn world this time of year that I will have to experience soon.

Fall Destinations: New York

As far as fall destinations go the great big apple of New York City is an iconic autumn getaway. Especially visiting the iconic Central Park. But there is so much more to offer in this wonderful state if you escape the city and travel to the rural parts of upstate New York. I was lucky enough to visit New York City and Albany, New York the first weekend of October a few years ago. One of my good friends lives in Albany. So it was especially nice seeing her new home while getting a local’s perspective on what to see and do in a new town. New York has a lot of different things to offer when comparing it to Colorado. I could easily see myself visiting every year for a fall holiday. The colorful autumn forests and wide open spaces offer a serene escape. I loved all of the farmland with apple orchards and wineries. And the charming old towns. Read more about the experience in my New York blog post here.