Where to Go Flower Picking in Colorado

Flower Farm Dream

When I am around a lot of flowers, I can’t stop smiling. Flowers make me extremely happy especially fields of them or a large garden full of them. I have always been a big flower lover. And I have worked as a floral designer on and off for many years at the grocery store. Being around beautiful blooms puts me at ease. It is a great creative outlet to work with flowers. I am always striving to learn more about different ways to arrange them and take care of them. If I had a garden I would grow all kinds of flowers. That people could come and pick or take photos of. I would have fields of peonies, dahlias, sunflowers, lavender, and roses to name a few.

U-Pick Flower Farms

Flower picking at Berry Patch Farms was such a nice way to spend an afternoon. They had so many varieties of flowers to choose from in every color imaginable. It was fun creating a garden-fresh bouquet. That was filled with uncommon flowers that you wouldn’t be able to find in a grocery store. Plus the price at $0.75 a stem was really reasonable. I wish I could go every week for a fresh vase of flowers to keep at home. It was such a nice treat taking a little farm life back home with me to the suburbs.

Flower Picking and More at Berry Patch

Berry Patch Farms is one of very few U-Pick Farms in the Denver area. The farm was started by Tim and Claudia Ferrell in 1991. They offer many varieties of fruits and vegetables that you can buy in their barn store. When we were there we found all kinds of goodies in the barn store. That we took home and enjoyed for the week. We bought a few varieties of cucumbers, eggplant, purple beans, yellow onion, Italian red onion, and elephant garlic. They offer many other things in their barn store. It is a great market to stop by weekly if you live close enough. Plus they have a few other things you can pick other than strawberries and flowers. Including raspberries, currants, pie cherries, plums, basil, and pickling cucumbers.

Supporting Your Local Farmers

Supporting local farms in your area is the place to start. If you want to live a wholesome lifestyle with produce that is freshly picked off the plant as soon as it is ripe. This is the best way to squeeze as much nutrition out of plants for all their disease-fighting and life-enhancing benefits. When you are beginning a plant-based journey you start to realize how corrupt the food industry is. Especially in the United States. We all have been raised off of processed, chemical-laden foods that cause disease and havoc on our bodies. Even the produce in the grocery store you have to be careful with. Most of our produce is mass-produced and shipped from distant places. Sprayed with toxic chemicals. And picked before ripe. Sitting in refrigeration losing freshness and nutrients by the minute.

Farm Grown Is Always Better

This is why I take advantage of farm-fresh goods every chance I get. You can really taste the difference. Plus you can find rare varieties of plants that are never offered in the supermarket. The more variety of plants that you eat the more wellness benefits you will have. Not only are you contributing to your wellness. But you also encouraging your local farmers to share the food that they worked so hard to produce.

I am so thankful that there are so many farmers. That are willing to share all their farm goodies with us at the farmer’s markets. And it makes it even more of a special experience. To be able to visit the farm to pick food and flowers. Like at Berry Patch Farms. I will be returning soon before the summer and fall harvest season is over. I encourage you to do some research and find a U-Pick farm in your area. Before the time is up and winter is here!

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