A Spontaneous Adventure In Manitou Springs

The Greatest Adventures Are Unplanned

It has been a couple of years since I have visited Manitou Springs. So last Sunday I woke up ready for an adventure. But let’s be real here, I am always ready for an adventure. But that wanderlust itch often hits me hard when I wake up early in the morning, especially when I wake up knowing its going to be a good day.

I often don’t have the time to act on my wanderlust itch but it was a quiet Sunday with no real plans on the horizon. So Adam and I hopped in Juniper (our Subaru Crosstrek) and headed to Manitou Springs. That is one great thing about living in Colorado. There are so many places to explore that are easily accessible by car. So if you are ever here, make sure you have a good adventure car ready to go.

It is always best to take full advantage of some spontaneous exploration, in your free time. In my opinion, it is the best way to fill your time. Yeah, it can be nice to have a plan of action. I actually am kind of weird and love every aspect of researching and planning trips. I would be a great travel agent. But some of the most memorable experiences are unplanned.

It is always important to be open to trying new places rather than sticking to well-known attractions. If we are in a new place we have to listen and talk to people. The people who have experienced a place know the real gems and the best-kept secrets. And every time I have opened my mind to these unplanned experiences I have never been disappointed.

That Rustic Wild West Charm

I had forgotten how much I love this little Colorado town. Manitou Springs has so much old-world charm. All the buildings are historic and heavily European and desert influenced. There are hardly any new buildings or new construction. It is one of the last Colorado towns that is untouched and ruined by the modern world. Which makes me love it even more.

With many charming houses built strategically on rolling hills and mountainsides in order to frame that perfect mountain view. I wish I could move right into one of these charming abodes and create a way to share this amazing and authentic Colorado experience with all the world travelers that pass through this town.

All of the businesses on the Mainstreet are locally owned. There are no big corporations there to ruin the historic Colorado aesthetic. Which is exactly how Crested Butte is too. Which is my favorite mountain town because of this small-town charm feel.

The soil is a rich shade of red, with ancient red rocks that have erupted out of the Earth. If you are visiting for the first time you must see some of the most incredible natural landmarks like the famous Garden of the Gods. Or if your looking for a new spot check out Red Rock Canyon. And if you’re in shape and feeling extra ambitious you will have to conquer the famous incline. A straight hike up a mountain and a nice refreshing locally brewed beer may be exactly what you need, to enjoy a moment of escape from the maddening world.

Adventure Outfit Details

Like I said in my last post about Manitou Springs, there is so much to explore. Every time I visit I find another thing I want to go back for. So be prepared with a couple of full days here. I promise you won’t get bored. And if you need advice on what to see, I am always here.

Now for this adventure worthy outfit. This earth tone purple jumpsuit compliments a lot of the natural tones and colorful Colorado towns. I bought it from LinenFox, see how I styled it for a summer adventure here. I decided to experiment styling it with other warm tones like this brown kimono from Ozma of California and golden brown accents like the boots (old), vintage purse, and my Westperro hat.

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