6 Farmers Market Tote Bags To Buy For Summer

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The Importance of Supporting Your Local Farmers Market This Season

Farmers Market season is finally upon us. After a long winter and a few extra weeks of anxiously waiting for the market to safely open, I am excited that my favorite time of year is finally here. This means we are all going to need a functional farmers market tote for hauls of all sizes.

I can’t help but love being connected to my local community and my local farmers. Especially in such a troubling time. We all need a place that feels sane again. Sundays at the farmers market is a great way to navigate back to something normal again.

Farmers Markets also provide the best opportunity to support a number of local businesses that have been hurting during this troubling time. Going to your local farmers market gives your community the best chance to rise above this financial crisis. If we all started to prioritize supporting local businesses over large corporations then we might just get through this.

Plus by supporting your favorite farmer you empower them to give back even more to the people in your community that may be experiencing a financial setback. Let’s make sure not a single one of our neighbors goes hungry by sticking together and helping each other wherever we can.

I thought I would put together this fun blog post with my favorite farmers market tote and baskets that are perfect for that summer market hauls. Follow the links below to shop my favorite finds that in my experience work best for those days of bringing home an abundance of fresh locally grown goodies.

My Picks for Functional Farmers Market Tote Bags And Baskets:

farmers market tote

1. Farmers Market Backpack from Wild Minimalist (sold out)

I love this basket backpack for practically everything. It is good for hauling bags of fruit, mushrooms, root vegetables, and greens. Anything that isn’t too heavy or crushable. You can also use it to carry all your smaller canvas produce bags. And honestly, I really love this basket because it is just so darn cute.

Similar here and here.

farmers market tote

2. Zaavia Backpack

Another backpack option that is great for the market or even a picnic. So many reasons you need to own a bag like this one and keep it in your car for any spring and summer errands.

farmers market tote

3. Multi-Pocket Canvas Farmer’s Market Tote

I love how functional this farmers market tote looks. All the side pockets look like a dream. I imagine everything must fit with ease in this bag. And it even has a slot for your market bouquet. They thought of everything with this design.

farmers market tote

4. Wide Canvas Tote

The most accessible and functional style is a classic wide canvas bag. With a wide design, you can carefully place things on the bottom so they don’t squish as easily. And things like a Kombucha re-fill stand up easier in this kind of bag. Everyone needs one of these, maybe even two depending on the size of your farmers market haul.

farmers market tote

5. Net Bag

Net bags are a must for farmers market runs, grocery store runs, or any other errand. They are the perfect bag to scrunch up and take with you everywhere, especially because they can hold so much unexpected loot.

farmers market tote

6. Love Your Mother Tote

Graphic totes with fun eco friendly designs have been my favorite kind of purse lately. Because I have room to stuff anything into them when I make unexpected purchases. And it is a great way to support a cause you care about and buy a re-usable bag that is in-expensive.

Other Handy Reusable Bags:

Here are a few other bags you will need at the farmers market so you can avoid as much plastic as possible on your outing. Going to the farmers market is one of the best ways to start living a low waste lifestyle and these bags for your flowers, produce, and bread make it a whole lot easier.

farmers market tote

Reusable Flower Tote

farmers market tote

Reusable Produce Bags

farmers market tote

Dans Le Sac Bread Bag

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