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Where To Discover Healing Tea in Telluride

Tea in Telluride

“Every morning is an ecstatic tea moment for me. There is, however, a certain indescribable magic that happens when people come together and drop-in together over a beautiful tea. Everything becomes illuminated and glimmers, the senses sharpen, the moment opens, we feel our connectedness and the sacredness of Life.”

-Colin Hudson

Finding Tea in Telluride

Mountain Gate tea in Telluride is located off the lively Mainstreet. That is full of lost souls looking for a way to unwind. If they were to wander a little further. Distancing themselves from the maddening crowds. They might discover a teahouse full of intuitive teas that relieve any kind of ailment. It is sad to think how many people wander by not knowing what they are missing. If you happen upon the arrow that points you toward Mountain Gate. It will be in your best interest to follow it.

You will find a rustic and quaint building with a bright green door. That looks original to the founding of this old gold rush town. If you don’t know what to expect as you walk through this door. Then be prepared to embark on a tea experience unlike any other. I know I wasn’t prepared for how extraordinary I would feel. After slowly drinking in an ancient tea full of age-old wisdom. Before I had only experienced high tea parties and the common teas you would find at a grocery store. But I never knew about the Chinese ceremonial and meditative practices that so many dedicate their lives to. After experiencing a glimpse of this practice for myself. I can see why tea is held at such high importance for so many people.

My Experience at Mountain Gate

On a rainy afternoon, the dancing clouds twirled over the mountain tops that surround Telluride. We sat outside on a tree stump listening to the rain. The moist mountain air filled our lungs. And worked to clear the blockages that covered our sense of connection we forgot we had to the Earth. I felt whole when I could slow down and feel every sensation that this beautiful world has given us.

In that moment I was grateful for my sight that allowed me to see the clouds dance over the mountains. And the feeling of the brisk summer rain on my skin. The smell of the weightless mountain air. The taste of the ancient forest on my tongue. And being able to hear the calming patter as I listened to the passionate teachings from Collin. The founder of Mountain Gate tea in Telluride. The whole experience guided me into another level of awareness and gratitude for my existence.

Collin A Wild Dreamer

“Tea has been the foundational source for everything meaningful, beautiful, deep, and connected in my life. It is my foundation physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. It is the means by which I commune with the trees, the weather and seasons, stars and wind, water and fire, function and form, the depth of my Being, and the essential in other humans. The Leaf has given me a way to serve others as a practice. It’s my Way, the guiding light in my life, the path of Nature, the path of Wisdom, and the essence of Taoist and Buddhist teachings. Tea is everything for me.”


I encourage you to explore the world of tea with Collin at Mountain Gate Teahouse. There is so much to learn about tea. Collin is a dedicated and passionate tea expert. He has a lot of wisdom he shares with his every encounter at Mountain Gate. A great deal of his life has been dedicated to studying the lineage of tea and Chinese herbalism. In 2010 he went on a quest traveling throughout Asia, to quaint farming villages in search of tea. This cultural expedition has deepened his knowledge so he can share the unique Eastern wisdom of tea with more of the Western world. There is a certain tea that seems to have inspired Collin’s ambitions and it is called Shou Puerh.

What is Shou Puerh Tea?

Shou Puerh is a style of processing tea that started in the 1970s. Shou means “cooking” and is an expedited fermentation process that uses heat and moisture. The tealeaves are inoculated with beneficial bacteria. Which makes this style of fermented teas one of the healthiest things you can drink. Some of the teas at Mountain Gate are from trees that are hundreds of years old. Then they are often aged for a year or more to enhance the flavor. Shou Puerh typically has a robust, earthy flavor with a grounding side effect. Discover many of the Shou Pureh and other kinds of tea that Mountain Gate Teahouse carries on their website Living Tea.

How To Experience Tea in Telluride at Mountain Gate Teahouse

At Mountain Gate Tea in Telluride, you can choose from a few different experiences. Enjoy the teahouse in the afternoon after a morning hike or ski trip. Pick a pot of tea to share with some great company. And indulge in a light teahouse snack like a fresh-baked tea-infused macaroon and a plant-based cheese plate. Let the leaves open up deep conversation and relaxation as you enjoy the mountain scenery. You can also sit inside the cozy tea house if it is colder outside for a warming experience. Visit in the mornings to experience a tea ceremony, an ancient practice that brings together the benefits of tea and meditation for an uplifting experience. During the warmer months, Collin takes curious minds outside of the teahouse on excursions through the forests that surround Telluride. This gives individuals a unique chance to find a deeper connection to the earth with an outdoor tea ceremony. Every experience gives you a unique perspective of a lifestyle driven by tea.

In Conclusion

Learn more about the healing powers of tea by reading the Living Tea Blog. Also, sign up for the Living Tea seasonal tea club where you can receive 3-4 teas hand-picked for every season. Each living tea offers secrets to achieving immunity, health, and longevity. Each leaf offers a new way for you to align with seasonal rhythms. Get 10% off teaware and living teas with the code TEA COMMUNITY.

Discover more inspirational and wild dreamers on my blog where I feature humans that inspire a more sustainable, spiritual, and natural way of life. If you like learning about Collin and his passion project you will have to follow the link to learn about another wild dreamer I stumbled upon in Crestone.