Why You Can’t Miss Seeing Trout Lake Telluride

Exploring Everything Telluride Has To Offer

Trout Lake is one of those hidden gems that may be a destination that most people miss when they visit Telluride. The town is bustling with so many things to do and places to see. It can be hard to get out and explore what is outside of town. But it would be a shame to miss out on a gem like Trout Lake Telluride or the many other hidden gems in the area.

When you travel off the beaten path it is always a more rewarding experience. Searching for a hidden gem is like the modern-day panning for gold. Once you find a shiny nugget you are thirsting to find more. And Telluride has a history of making the most billionaires with golden gems that they are still finding to this day.

Of course, it is nice to experience popular tourist attractions too. Like Bridal Veil Falls, in Telluride (the tallest waterfall in Colorado). They really are tourist attractions for a reason. But there are always those hidden spots that most of the tourists are unaware of what is out there in the wild wilderness.

If you are one of lucky explores in search of gemstones I’m sure you will uncover a few golden nuggets. And you are likely to have these kinds of places all to yourself. Nothing can ever beat a beautiful place with not a single soul in sight.

Where To Find Trout Lake Telluride

Trout lake is located just 20 minutes outside of Telluride, off of highway 145 and just below Lizard Head Pass. It is a natural lake that was dammed to support a power plant close by. And it also used to be where the old train system used to run through, with lots of Gold Minners stationed on the lake.

The beautiful drive up to the lake will have you wondering what else you are missing in these mountains. Even a short drive can open up a whole new world to explore. Making you wish you lived amongst these very forests. It is easy to imagine what life would be like living in such a quiet place in the middle of the mountains. With the freedom to explore everything that surrounds you.

The mountains in Telluride are unlike any other mountain range in Colorado. The mountains are extremely picturesque with the most incredibly dense forests of aspen trees. It is no wonder this place is such a popular destination for fall. And why housing prices are so extremely high. I imagine that Trout Lake is one incredible destination when the leaves are changes. Especially picture-perfect when the lake starts reflect onto the water.

Simple Days At The Lake

Trout Lake Telluride is the perfect place to get away and enjoy the simple life. Like a leisurely walk around the lake. Or even a summer picnic. Or you can spend the whole day here kayaking, SUPing, or canoeing. Do some fishing. Rock skipping. Even go swimming if you can stand the chilly temperature. Anything your little heart desires. There are so many options.

Make sure you bring your own equipment if you want to go out on the lake. There are a few shops in Telluride that can accommodate this. Find the links to those shops here. There are kayaks laying all over the place on the lake. We wondered if these were up for grabs for anyone’s use. But we safely assumed that they just belonged to the people that lived on the lake. Maybe if we would have asked a local about this we would have had an answer. But to us, it is still an interesting mystery.

Make It A Full Day Adventure at Trout Lake

One thing to do that I am sad that we missed is the hike to Hope Lake. A leisurely day at the lake was all that we could handle after an all-day hike the day before. But I know that Hope Lake would have been a spectacular hike to wander down. Especially in the summer. There were so many wildflowers surrounding the lake. So I can easily imagine there were just fields upon fields of colorful blooms on that hike.

Here are the full details for the hike to Hope Lake:

Distance: 3.3 miles one way
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: Approx. 1,500 feet
Time: Approx. 2 hours one way

Make sure you make planning a trip to Telluride a high priority as soon as you are able and find more places to explore in Telluride here. And always forge your own wild path to your dream destinations. There is so much to be discovered.